SPORTSMAIL’S THREE WISE MEN: Liverpool will win league by one point

With 10 matches to go, the title race enters the final and Liverpool leads only one point.

Will Jurgen Klopp & # 39; s men going the distance or will they be dragged in by Manchester Town of Pep Guardiola ?

We asked our expert panel, Jamie Redknapp, Martin Keown and Chris Sutton to give their verdict …

 With 10 more games to go, the title race enters the final straight and Liverpool leads with a point "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id= With 10 more games to go, the title race enters the final and Liverpool leads with a run

You have all been in the title races. What is the only advice you would give to players?

Keown: Enjoy every second of it. For Liverpool players who have never won the title, they may never get a better chance. Of course there are nerves, but you can not let them paralyze

The mentality for Liverpool must be won every game – they know that this City team is capable of winning 18 league matches on the bounce, but they must to embrace the challenge, do not fear it.

Redknapp: You have to hold your guts. We were at Christmas in 1996, but could not get over the line. There have been very good Liverpool teams in the last 29 years that have failed. The weight of history is huge, but you have to be patient. No panic when it's 0-0 with 10 minutes left.

I have also played in teams on the other side of the table and at this stage of the season there are lots of parties scrapping for their lives. Neither Liverpool nor City will pick up maximum points between now and May.

Sutton: Have complete confidence in your teammates. Some say Liverpool is bottling it. They are not.

Let's face it, at the beginning of the season Liverpool had given everything to be in this position. They have only lost eleven. The city slipped against Crystal Palace, Leicester and Newcastle. The only reason why they are not confronted with the same criticism is that they are reigning champions.

 The only reason why Manchester City is not confronted with the same criticism is that they are reigning champions "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id= Does it matter if you won the title earlier? United for the title. In that group the likes of David Seaman, Tony Adams and Lee Dixon had won earlier. That was very important.

Once you have won a title, your behavior changes. Little things like knowing when to go in training and when to rest. It is useful to have that experience in a dressing room. City knows how to be champion. In Liverpool, only James Milner has been an important part of a title winning team.

Redknapp: That lack of experience does not seem to disturb Liverpool. Trent Alexander-Arnold does not look shocked. Virgil van Dijk is the best defender in the Premier League. What matters is the quality on the field – and Liverpool has a brilliant team.

Sutton: The most important thing is that when you look around in the changing room, you are surrounded by strong characters. With the will of Alan Shearer, Tim Sherwood and Tim Flowers in Blackburn, I had complete confidence when I crossed that white line. It is the same for Liverpool now with the likes of Alisson and Van Dijk.

 City manager Pep Guardiola has to manage the playing time of Sergio Aguero "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
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: Alexander-Arnold is back in the nick of time.

That 5-0 victory sent a message to Manchester City and Alexander-Arnold was the striking artist with a hat trick of assists. He is only 20 but plays with the freedom and confidence of a series winner. That is what this team has missed.

Sutton: Fernandinho is crucial. Apart from the goalkeeper, he is the only player that the city can not do without. Although they have a deeper team and have more impact players than Liverpool, City does not have a like-for-like replacement for Fernandinho.

Redknapp: It is so difficult to separate these teams but now lose Van Dijk and Liverpool can not win the title.

 Apart from the goalkeeper, Fernandinho is the only player who can not survive Manchester City without "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id= Keown: At this moment I would choose Aguero. Pep Guardiola has to manage Aguero's playing time, but Jurgen Klopp has to lose his sleep about how he can fire Mo Salah. Recently I played a bit too much on the right side.

I do not know if the incident with Sergio Ramos in the Champions League final is chasing him, but he seems to be waiting for a tackle that never comes. If I were against him, I would want to be physically.

This is a player who can strike fear in defenders. Salah did well against Watford on Wednesday and when he gets back at his best, Liverpool wins the title.

. He may not have scored, but Salah was a dynamite against Watford. He has found it more difficult this season because opponents double him. That allowed Sadio Mane to find more space and he enjoys his most productive Premier League season with 14 goals

Sutton: On the current form I would choose Aguero, but this times last year I would have said Salah. He is being judged against a phenomenal first season. Harry Kane, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Eden Hazard.

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 He may not have scored, but Mohamed Salah was dynamite on Wednesday against Watford "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
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