Gordon Taylor’s reign at PFA appears to be drawing to a close

Gordon Taylor & # 39; s reign as PFA chief executive seems to be rapidly ending with his expected future high on the agenda When Sportmail revealed last November that the players' union had to postpone its AGM in the midst of a political crisis sparked by a power struggle between Taylor and PFA President Ben Purkiss.

It turned out that after Purkiss insisted on an independent assessment in an attempt to modernize the union, Taylor essentially tried to dislodge the Walsall to defend himself on a technical character.

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Gordon Taylor's reign as chief executive of the PFA seems to be signing fast

But that meeting is being held late on Thursday in Manchester and is likely to include an announcement that after 38 years the Having been in charge, the highest paid union boss in the world plans to

Tuesday the leading political consulting firm and PR agency hired by the PFA would take them through the biggest crisis in the organization's history only confirm that a statement is planned after the meeting.

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Last month, Taylor confirmed that the PFA board of trustees and the management committee were the independent had appointed arbitrators at Sport Resolutions to perform the assessment called for by Purkiss.

It is a review that, given the problems initially discovered and discovered by Purkiss through the investigation of Sportsmail will leave the position of 74-year-old Taylor untenable. It will indeed be interesting to see whether some of his most important allies within the PFA can also survive given widespread concerns, not least when he has come to an understanding of the rules that are supposed to govern them.

<img id = "i-85459d03c13ddad9" src = "https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2019/03/26/16/11483510-0- image-a-33_1553617719086.jpg "height =" 461 "width =" 634 "alt =" Taylor pictured with England boss Gareth Southgate and PFA president Ben Purkiss in 2019 "

<img id =" i-85459d03c13ddad9 "src = "https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2019/03/26/16/11483510-0-image-a-33_1553617719086.jpg" height = "461" width = "634" alt = "Ben Purkiss in 2019

Taylor pictured with England boss Gareth Southgate and PFA President Ben Purkiss in 2019

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A law graduate and a companion professional, Purkiss showed immense courage in taking one of the most powerful figures in sport. I have complained that, for all the tens of millions in the PFA bank accounts, the union had spent only £ 125,000 on financing research damage by contributing to the impact of football on lifelong health and dementia.

to Sportsmail he said: & I have a duty to act in the PFA's interest.

& # 39; Football is evolving rapidly, players are evolving rapidly and the PFA must also evolve. Players past, present and future need a PFA for the modern player. "

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