Gennady Golovkin knockout makes third fight with Canelo Alvarez too good to refuse

A story of two Saturdays, in the city that never sleeps, has certainly paved the way for the most dramatic fisticuffs of the year.

& # 39; s Rocky Horror Show

& # 39; s rocking horror show

The two are connected by even more than this lively contrast between triumph and disaster. Joshua & # 39; s crushing zone by Andy Ruiz Jr. cleared the decks of Madison Square Garden for a statement of such eloquent violence by Golovkin that it is virtually impossible for [194100] Canelo Alvarez to take a third fight with Triple G. to refuse.

Gennady Golovkin fascinated boxers with the knockout of Steve Rolls "


With the heavyweight division seismically cheated by the loss of Joshua

enchanted Gennady Golovkin box lovers with the knockout of Steve Rolls of all his world titles – and thus at least for the time being – the epicenter of price fighting in 2019 must be Canelo -Golovkin 111 are on September 14.

Tyson Fury is expected to beat Tom Schwarz in Germany in Germany next Saturday, but even the retake with WBC world champion Deontay Wilder cannot take place until 2020.

The trilogate between the two exceptional middleweights of their time must now be central.

Madison Square Garden was seven days after electrification seven days after Anthony Joshua


After Golovkin the brave Steve Rolls with threw the front down

Madison Square Garden seven days after he had electrified the loss of Anthony Joshua on the canvas with an almighty left hook in the fourth round of Saturday, sent Canelo & # 39 ; s promoter Oscar De La Hoya him this free tweet: & # 39; Nice comeback victory. Fight a real hunter now, win a belt and I will consider doing the third fight # Canelo & # 39; syourboss. & # 39;

That is not quite the Golden Boy's decision to make. Far from it. And the time is right.

And the time is right and the time is right.

Canelo certainly watched as the GGG force returned to the Kazakhst, who robbed him of his middleweight world championships in Las Vegas. He will have heard New York & # 39; s acclaim when Golovkin told the more than 12,000 attendees: & # 39; We all know who the fans want me to fight next. & # 39;

If he paid attention to the Mexican idol, it will know how unwise it would be to give Golovkin the recuperative benefits of another fight before they meet again.

<img id = "i-e00777fbe51556ee" src = " image-a-12_1560112939005.jpg "height =" 423 "width =" 634 "alt =" <img id = "i-e00777fbe51556ee" src = " /09/21/14575486-0-image-a-12_1560112939005.jpg "height =" 423 "width =" 634 "alt =" <img id = "i-e00777fbe51556ee" src = "https: //i.dailymail. "height =" 423 "width =" 634 "alt =" The brutality of Golovkin's performance sets a third fight on Canelo Alvarez third fight with Canelo Alvarez "

The brutality of Golovkin & # 39; s execution sets up a third fight with Canelo Alvarez

There were Rusty moments in the second round when he was heavily caught by Canada's Rolls, although the ruinous outcome had quickly become inevitable.

Another warm-up battle and the entire Golovkin arsenal will be charged to full firepower. And let alone that he is 37, he is still the killer of the face every inch.

There is no percentage for Canelo, either tax or fistically, in postponing the inevitable. His best chance to prevent Golovkin from avenging the excessive draw and the dubious victory he received from sympatico judges during the Mexican national holiday weekends in Vegas, is the fastest to beat him

Golovkin launches a new vicious attack on Steve Rolls in New York

<img id = "i-fbd1245640b63020" src = " 21 / 14575694-0-image-a-16_1560113420423.jpg "height =" 423 "width =" 634 "alt =" <img id = "i-fbd1245640b63020" src = " /1s/2019/06/09/21/14575694-0-image-a-16_1560113420423.jpg "height =" 423 "width =" 634 "alt =" Golovkin launches a new vicious attack on Steve Rolls in New York

Similarly, Triple G knows he must wink.

Golovkin launches another vicious attack on Steve Rolls in New York's Canelo from the Nevada desert, hopefully to the Big Apple.

He says: & # 39; The story has now changed. It is time for a different atmosphere. I have a few bad feelings about Vegas, but I love Madison Square Garden and the fans here love me. & # 39;

Rolls helped him resolve that by coming to do the fight I had promised, rather than just want to survive

The undefeated, albeit relatively unknown, man from Toronto went for broke and won that second round by landing those solid punches that showed no less than Sugar Ray Leonard thought on television whether Golovkin could be in marginal decline

Golovkin will be the controversial draw and avenge the defeat on his record "

<img id =" i-b5f6efe40510f348 "src =" 21 / 14575540-0-image-a-15_1560113169665.jpg "height =" 425 "width =" 634 "alt =" Golovkin will want to avenge the controversial draw and defeat on his record and the defeat on his record "

The answer to

Golovkin will watch the controversial draw and defeat his reco That hypothesis came with the brutal attacks of the body that began to break down and forced, with his hands lowered as the fourth. Golovkin poured through that opening with rasping combinations to the head, culminating in a left hook of such a concussive blast that his opponent fell first.

Blind instinct had tried to swing Rolls straight, but he collapsed again and was counted.

The most cited sentence in Charles Dickens' masterpiece, A Tale of Two Cities, reads: & # 39; It's a much, much better thing than I (now) than I have ever done. & # 39; By the time his epic trilogy with Canelo is finished, Golovkin hopes to claim that sentiment for himself.

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