IOC members back plan to add breakdancing, skateboarding and surfing to 2024 Paris Olympics

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decision was taken by IOC members on the second day of the organization's 134th session in Lausanne and the rubber stamped a proposal from the Paris 2024 organizing committee earlier this year.

Recording breakdancing – or breaking, as the sport is known – may surprise some, but it was part of the Olympic Youth Games program in 2018 and will occur in the inaugural World Urban Games in Budapest in September

<img id = "i-1a20a6c9e980c16e" src = " -a-19_1561504749675.jpg "height =" 423 "width =" 634 "alt =" <img id = "i-1a20a6c9e980c16e" src = " 26/00 / 15254466-0-image-a-19_1561504749675.jpg "height =" 423 "width =" 634 "alt =" People gathered at Place de la Concorde, Paris every five years of the 2024 Olympic Games to mark. the place of the Concorde, Paris to mark five years until the Olympic Games of 2024 "

People gathered at Place de la Concorde, Paris to mark five years until the 2024 Olympic Games

Climbing, skateboarding and surfing are all ready to make their Olympic debut in Tokyo next year, but two other sports added to the 2020 program by the Japanese, baseball / softball and karate, have been dropped by the French

In a statement, the IOC President Thomas Bach said the squash was the other sport in exchange for a place in the 2024 schedule, but the eternal bridesmaid of the Olympic movement remains. four sports proposed by Paris 2024 are & # 39; fully in line & # 39; with its & # 39; Olympic Agenda until 2020 & # 39; plan to make the games more diverse, urban and attractive to a younger audience

& # 39; The for Sports set conform to these principles and improve the overall dynamic game concept of Paris 2024, which focuses on inclusiveness, inspiring

The four sports include 248 additional athletes, evenly distributed between men and women, and they will not require additional infrastructure or take the total athletes quota higher than 10,500

However, this is not the end of the matter, as the IOC's board of directors will make a final decision on the sports program and the quota for athletes in December 2020, but this was the end of the line for baseball / softball, karate and squash, as no more sports can now be added.

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