JEFF POWELL: Callum Smith’s victory will have given Canelo Alvarez little cause for concern

Callum Smith denied the victory over the brave John Ryder, but his performance will have given rival Cinnamon Alvarez little cause for concern

  • Callum Smith earned his win over John Ryder, but the scorecards were amiss
  • Ryder was successful in the fight, which should have been rewarded by the judges
  • Fans can only hope that Smith for the opportunity will rise against Canelo Alvarez
  • The Liverpudlian says he & # 39; the fear factor & # 39; needs to perform at its best

by Jeff Powell for Mailonline

Internet cried terribly this weekend, but at admirable wise John Ryder relieved himself of continuing concern whether Callum Smith has a real chance of winning the super fight that he wants to win when Canelo Alvarez comes.

& # 39; Don't worry, & # 39; said the Mersey man who had previously convinced us that he was the best super middleweight in the world, & # 39; the greater the challenge, the better I fight & # 39 ;.

We can only hope. Believe him when he adds: & # 39; I need the fear factor to show me how good I can be. & # 39;

 Callum Smith retained his world title belts with a unanimous decision to win John Ryder "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Callum Smith retained his world title belts with a unanimous decision on John Ryder

That motivation for stomach ache was not at work before Smith came out to defend his world title against Ryder. When he started for this Liverpool fan in the second half, he was almost too late.


Ryder wavered Smith – as never before seen, let alone in his house – Town Arena – the longer it went. If the championship distance in boxing was still 15 rounds instead of 12, then one of the hardest men ever coming from trendy Islington would probably have added an extra to this year's collection of major disruptions.

Doing business towards the end, bloody with a cut above his right eye, Smith clung to his WBA belt like a man almost drowned.

 Ryder opened a cut above Smith's right eye while the super middleweight champion toiled "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Ryder opened a cut over Smith's right eye while the super middleweight champion toiled

But the massive chirping of theft that followed the unanimous decision neglected Smith's winning of the opening rounds.

He had continued to act during his natural physical benefits – six inches in height and eight in range – there would have been no controversy. Instead, for whatever reason, he allowed himself to be dragged into a war by the grossly underrated and bravely degrading Ryder.

There were two or three times that Ryder was just one angry hook to drop the Goliath for him

Yet it was the unjust breadth of scoring instead of the verdict itself that provoked the protests.

 Islington born Ryder was successful during the middle rounds of the M&S Bank Arena "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Islington born Ryder was successful during the middle rounds in the M&S Bank Arena


[Smith's score eerst]

Round 1) 10-9

2) 10-9

3) 10-9

4) 9-10

5) 9-10

6) 10-9

7) 9 -10

8) 10-9

9) 10-9

10) 10-9

11) 9-10

12 ) 9-10

Total: Smith 115, Ryder 113

Terr y O & # 39; Connor & # 39; s card from 117-111 requires control by the British Boxing Board of Control. The two Spanish judges were closer to reality at 116-112, but it was more than that.

According to my calculation, Smith reached 115-113 at home, but if this is a fight, there can be no serious complaint, anyway

Ryder felt saddened of course. His trainer Tony Sims had a case when he condemned the details of the score as & # 39; ridiculous & # 39 ;. He also called for a review of the assessment system and a rematch. Neither is likely.

Smith & # 39; s trainer Joe Gallagher said: & # 39; Callum won right away and we continue. & # 39; To what? & # 39; Hopefully Canelo, & # 39; said the youngest of the four fighting Smith brothers from Liverpool and added: & # 39; If that means going to Las Vegas in May, I'll grab my hands for the chance. & # 39;

It is the left hands that split his eyebrow and occasionally shot his legs that should be remembered. If Cinnamon or Gennady Golovkin ends up with their strength on the hooks, there can be serious problems.

 Smith lands a right angle during the WBA World, WBC Diamond & Ring Magazine title bout "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Smith lands a right hook during the WBA World, WBC Diamond & Ring Magazine title bout

Gallagher is right to remind us that his bizarre long super-middleweight deserves respect for an undefeated career in which the exceptional achievement came with the emphatic victory over George Groves to land its world title.

Cinnamon or Golovkin would inject the necessary fear into Smith's psyche, but this version that he admitted to being "not my best" would not have improved his market value in America.

Other options are a union with another of the 12 stone title holders, perhaps the o-unbeaten WBO champion Billy Joe Saunders. But it is doubtful whether one of those fights would justify the realization of his long-held dream of boxing in Anfield.

Smith & # 39; s relative inactivity of recent times – this was only his second defense since Groves stopped 14 months ago – May rust have previously put fear in this dip in shape.

If yes, the sooner and he fights again, the better. It doesn't matter who reaches the opposite corner.

 The Liverpudlian put his hand forward by referee Michael Alexander after a close match "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= The Liverpudlian raised his hand by referee Michael Alexander after a close competition

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