Jurgen Klopp calls for FA Cup replays to be ditched in favour of penalty shoot-outs

Jurgen Klopp wants FA Cup shake-up when Liverpool boss calls for replays to be dumped in favor of penalty shootouts and says smaller club should always play at home

    ] Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has called for all FA Cup repeats to be canceled
  • The German is concerned that the domestic calendar is burdening players
  • Klopp also favors a format where lower-ranked clubs can play home tires

Jurgen Klopp wants everything FA Cup is playing and is being replaced by a classification whereby lower-ranked clubs can automatically play tires at home.

Together with other Premier League managers such as Pep Guardiola the Liverpool boss is concerned that the domestic football calendar in England is the top stars of the country overloaded.

Now the German has called on the football association to take a drastic step. Klopp said: "Is playing in the FA Cup? No, penalties.

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<p> <noscript> <img id= Jurgen Klopp favors an FA Cup-shake with repetitions dumped for penalty shoot-outs

& # 39; The usual explanation against this is that the smaller teams have a chance to win the repeat when they get home. Then give them the home game in the first place.

"Go there, play there. If they beat us: “Congratulations. Go for it. & # 39; But things like this are being played again. It's just another game on television. But who watches these games? That is the place where we must begin. "

Klopp was vocal at the weekend in his criticism of a decision to move the Africa Cup of Nations to January. He said it will influence his thinking to buy African players in the future.

Klopp is also concerned about FIFA's plans to introduce a 24-Club World Club Cup in China in 2021, but knows that Liverpool will be attracted by the money offered.

& # 39; But the semi-final of the two-legged Carabao Cup has nothing to do with money, & # 39; he added. & # 39; Nothing. It is not OK, these games are not OK. And that is not about money.

 The Liverpool boss has also reserved specific criticism for the semi-finals of the Carabao Cup "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= The Liverpool boss also reserved specific criticism of the Carabao Cup semi-final format

Ask one of the teams involved in the semi-final what they think the second stage is another race in that period.

& # 39; And then you can win a competition. If you win it is great, if you lose nobody remembers that you were in the final.

"Yes, it's silverware and that's great. But you pushed the boys and we never think about that. The Football League and the FA must talk and find a solution, only internally.

"Every year we do the same. We talk about it at this stage of the year and then we don't talk about it the rest of the year.

"We now have seven games in a week and so we start talking about it. So we're just talking now because it's that time. & # 39;

Klopp said at the weekend that he felt sympathy for Harry Kane after the attacker Tottenham and England had sustained a major hamstring injury.

 Klopp revealed that he feels sympathy for Tottenham striker Harry Kane after his hamstring injury "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Klopp revealed that he feels sympathy for Tottenham striker Harry Kane after his hamstring injury

Since then, Marcus Rashford of Manchester United has been diagnosed with a double stress fracture of the back – attributed to too much football.

Klopp even suggested that he would like to take a salary reduction if it meant fewer games.

& # 39; It is a strange situation because we are asking for fewer games and we would get less money, & he said.

& # 39; But I am ready, I can say it here. & # 39;

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