Portuguese drug dealers appear in court for selling fake cocaine to Liverpool and Spurs fans

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‘We only looked up to footballers or drug dealers’: Watford’s Troy Deeney on troubled upbringing

  • Watford captain Troy Deeney reveals how he grew out of a restless upbringing in Birmingham to be a success on and off the field Captain Troy Deeney gave frank insight into childhood in Birmingham
  • He said that where he grew up, people looked up to only footballers and drug dealers He now helps children with learning disabilities and life-limiting illnesses
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    Damian Spellman, Press Association

    The 30-year-old, the great-great-great-great-whose father spent a large part of his childhood in prison, was born and raised in a difficult environment and served himself behind the bars after he was dragged into a street fight.

    Deeney has emerged as a changed man and has since prospered both on and off the field, where I have set up a foundation to help children with learning disabilities and life-limiting illnesses.

     Troy Deeney talked about how he emerged from a troubled upbringing in Birmingham "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id= Asked whether the money was important to him, Deeney replied: "No. It was, it was at a stage. I'm not going to lie, it was at a certain moment because I grew up, we only looked up at the footballers or the drug dealers, that's all we knew. & # 39;

    He further asked whether he would have really looked up to drug dealers, he worked.

    He said: & # 39; Of course I would. I never hid myself. I do not know if you know my background – I did not grow up in a middle class household. Everyone would have.

    & # 39; You look up at what you can see and what I could see. The drug dealers had the nice cars, they had the nice trainers, they had the clothes and the footballers who came from my area did all that and moved out of my area.

    & # 39; It is not a case that I looked up at the drug dealer and thought: "I strive to be that" – I have never touched drugs in my life, so it is not a matter of look up to it.

    & # 39; I am

    & # 39; I always had the impression that money has bought you luck and money, everything is solved and it is the biggest lie ever told to me

     Deeney said he thought that money brought you everything, but now you know that that is a lie "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id= He said: I would like no one ever to walk around with weapons and we never had to fight, but at the same time I am realist and I understand that while it is growing problem, while it is a growing problem , it must start inside the house.

    & # 39; It must start within communities, get our own children and ensure that they understand the consequences & # 39;

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