Doomsday scenario of injuries ending World Cup dreams hangs over Wales vs England

England and Wales know the risks, but they will not be reluctant. One side will try to storm a fortress in Cardiff while the other side wants to defend it with trademark passion.

The threat of further damage at the worst possible moment depends heavily on the occasion, but those who participate cannot afford to let it affect what they do.

There will be an almighty elephant in the room at the Principality Stadium when the cross-border rivals honk again, six days after the English defeat the Welsh 33-19 in Twickenham. It is the doom scenario of serious injuries that put an end to the World Cup dreams, which happened to poor Gareth Anscombe last Sunday.

 Wales & Gareth Anscombe is out of the World Cup after a knee injury against England "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Wales & Gareth Anscombe is out of the World Cup after a knee injury against England

 He suffered a damaged ACL in his right knee to obstruct Wales & World Cup preparations "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> ]] <img id= He suffered a damaged ACL in his right knee to hamper Wales & # 39; World Cup preparations

Wales' first choice fly did half its knee and was deposed. It turned out that he had hurt so much that he was absent the entire season. Thus & # 39; n 11-hour sports cruelty is an unfortunate part of this uncomfortable phase.

There is no magic solution. So the opponent's teams will tear each other apart on Saturday afternoon. Nobody wants to go the same way as Anscombe, but they cannot be protected.

England has multiple players with minor injuries or recovering from surgery – Mako Vunipola and Jack Nowell, Henry Slade and Ruaridh McConnochie, Tom Curry, Sam Underhill and Mark Wilson. They are stretched in certain areas. But asked if he was worried about more setbacks, coach Eddie Jones said: & # 39; No. You just have to keep going. It is the risk that you take.

& # 39; You can pamper them and not be ready for the World Cup. It would be easy to have fun camps and not play games. You get them all fit but not ready to play rugby.

& It is like a boxer. A boxer must box. A rugby player must play rugby. There is a risk involved. If they get injured, you feel for the player and then see who is next. Wales has now lost their No. 8 and 10, it's hard for them. & # 39;

Saracens reassure players with contingency planning for doomsday threat of Premiership relegation

Saracens reassured players with emergency planning for doemsday threat of Premiership relegation

  • Saracens had discussions with players about hasty disaster planning
  • The champions were hit with a 35-point penalty for salary limit breaches
  • Rugby's director Mark McCall believes stars want certainty about the scenario's
  • Saracens will try to keep their European hope alive by Beat Munster on Saturday. But in the back of their minds the champions' priority will lie – avoiding the doemsday threat of Premiership relegation.

    Their 35-point penalty for breaching the salary limit left them drifting at the foot of the rankings and hasty disaster planning

    Staring into the abyss was an uncomfortable process. "There is little concern about the future and what are the implications of relegation," said rugby director Mark McCall, whose side faces a Heineken European Champions Cup tie-break at Allianz Park.

     Saracens reassured players about emergency plans for degradation or survival Premiership "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <img id= Saracens reassured players about emergency plans for premiership relegation or survival

    & # 39 ; So we have a lot of conversations with individual players about & # 39; what happens if … & # 39;

    & # 39; Those are not normal conversations. Now that we have a bit of clarity about what would happen in all situations, people can just settle down.

    "Players just want security. We have tried to provide players with as much certainty as possible about the implications of the two scenarios – survival and relegation. I think certainty has enabled us to continue with things. & # 39;

     Giants threatened with relegation will focus their attention on Saturday in a collision with Munster "class =" blkBorder img -share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= The giants threatened with relegation will focus their attention on Saturday on a collision with Munster

    Asked about the effects of relegation on Saracens and their multitude of international players, McCall added: & # 39; Of course it would mean that some people with a contract want to go around look.

    & # 39; Especially if you are a young player and want to play for England, you probably don't want a year in the championship at that time. Those are the things we normally shouldn't think about.

    "We have played five and won four. If we reach 16, 17, 18 victories at the end of the season, we will be fine. We cannot emphasize ourselves every week by looking at who is playing who and what the results are. We just have to continue and win as much as possible. & # 39;

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