ON THE ROAD: Worksop Town, the World’s fourth oldest club are on the brink after 160 years

At the BBC quiz show Meaningless a few years ago, participants were asked to mention the 10 oldest football clubs in the world still play matches.

A difficult question for most, but a group of football anoraks participated. Answers from Liverpool Manchester United and Chelsea were all incorrect.

An expert guy answered Notts County correctly, much to the surprise of the rest of his team. However, no one plundered to Worksop Town, & # 39; the world's fourth oldest club and was founded in 1861, a year earlier than County.

 Worksop Town is the fourth oldest football club in the world and was first formed in 1861 "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Worksop Town is the fourth oldest football club in the world and was for first formed in 1861

 The club currently plays in the Northern Premier League Division 1 - England & # 39; s eighth level "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= The club currently plays in the Northern Premier League Division 1 – Eighth Level of England

Ever Worksop was revealed as a correct answer, along with Sheffield F C – & # 39; the world's oldest club – there was a bewilderment on the face of the participants.

& # 39; Worksop? Where is that? one asked, while two others questioned the club's existence.

Perhaps that should not have been a surprise given that Worksop & # 39; s greatest achievement is still considered to be keeping Tottenham on a 0-0 draw on White Hart Lane in the first round of the FA Cup in 1923.

Since the mid-1970s, they have spent most of their time in steps seven and eight of the English football pyramid.

But for the 400 or so who regularly turn up on Sandy Lane, the site of the club in the former mining town are the Tigers they live for. It would then be a & # 39; tragedy & # 39; are, as club historian John Stocks says, if Worksop would fold.

But that remains a possibility if no money is collected by the end of this week after financial mismanagement, which only recently came to light and is now being investigated by the police, the club left £ 60,000 in debt .

 The club threatens to fold due to & # 39; financial mismanagement & # 39; with a week to figure it out "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= The club threatens to fold due to & # 39; financial mismanagement & # 39; with a week to resolve it

 A police investigation showed that they had £ 60,000 in debts to be paid off "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= A police investigation revealed that they had £ 60,000 in debts to be paid off

Half of it was paid by Peter Whitehead, the owner of Sandy Lane, who nts to take control of the club to help them move to a new era. Another £ 24,000 has been raised by supporters and benefactors in just over two weeks.

Whitehead & # 39; s eight-year-old grandson Oliver, who heard his grandfather and club president Keith Ilett talk about the club's fight, cycled 80 laps on the ground, which amounts to 18.61 miles. That earned £ 4,000.

& # 39; I got a lump in my throat & # 39 ;, says Whitehead. & # 39; For his thinking at that age. Wow, it was just fantastic, I shiver now because I am so proud of what he did. & # 39;

Whitehead says the club would be long gone without Ilett, adding: & # 39; The answer was great. We received a £ 5,000 donation from someone in Spain who viewed Worksop. He saw that we were going to perish, so he just landed and just gave me a check for £ 5,000. Then there is Chris Waddle, who played for us in 1990, he said he will help.

 Pete Whitehead (right), owner of Sandy Lane, has paid half and wants the club "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= take over Pete Whitehead (right ), owner of Sandy Lane, paid half and wants to take control of the club

 Their fans raised £ 24,000 together with other donors and fundraisers who connected are with the club "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Their fans raised £ 24,000 together with other donors and fundraisers. and to the club

& # 39; It tells you something about the club when someone like him tells me: "I played in Marseille, I played in Newcastle, I played for England "but" I still get it here ", Ilett points to his heart for emphasis.

The pressure to win over Worksop was evident on Saturday for a mid-table Northern Premier League Division One South East collision with Sutton Coldfield.

Shaun Taylor, a 45-year-old fan, shuffles to the front of a row that has formed at the Clubhouse End to donate £ 100 to the President & # 39; s Fund, which will be named on a plaque that will honor those who have pledged to save the club. "It was a no-brainer," he says. & # 39; The money is a bit tight, but it's a good thing and I don't want Worksop to go to hell. This club means everything to me. & # 39;

 Worksop welcomed Sutton Coldfield in a competition that may have their latest "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> [19459012zoukunnenzijn] <noscript> <img id= Worksop welcomed Sutton Coldfield in a competition match that could possibly be their last

On the field it is a fairly even match to start with. Strong gusts of wind make a typical direct style difficult, much to the annoyance of an old boy in the full Main Stand. & # 39; Grab it on deck, city! & # 39; he cries.

& # 39; Bloody hell boys, come on, & # 39; follows soon, much to the delight of 31-year-old manager Kyle Jordan when he is presented with a pint after the game. & # 39; Ha, the old boys, & # 39; Jordan laughs. & # 39; It is never good enough. If we win 4-0, it should be 6-0, but I think it's great because it's football. Then you turn that around with the fans who are always behind the goal and they sing no matter what. & # 39;

 Ben Usher-Shipway scored the only goal of the game to add salt to the wounds for Worksop "class =" blkBorder img-share "/ > </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Ben Usher-Shipway scored the only goal of the game to add salt to the wounds for Worksop

] The contest was hard fought, but supporters give more to them if they can come back next week "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= The competition was heavily fought, but supporters give it honor if they can come back next week

It is from behind the goal that Richard Nelson and his son Aaron see that Worksop grants the sole purpose of the game, but then enjoy continued pressure in the Sutton Coldfield area after visitors drop to 10 men after James Mutton's resignation for a stamp on Matt Sykes.

The odds come and go, but Worksop cannot find an equalizer. & # 39; The result does not matter & # 39 ;, Nelson says. & # 39; The only thing that matters is whether this club is still here next week. & # 39;

How to Donate to Help Save Worksop Town

On February 10, the club issued a statement on their website that featured President Mr Keith Ilett said "had approached Mr. Peter Whitehead, who owns the lease with Sandy Lane soccer field, to ask if he would be kind enough to take over the club as president".

Mr. Whitehead has agreed to do so as long as the fans collect £ 30,000 at the end of the month. The statement goes on to help from everyone & # 39; who takes care of their club to do what they can & # 39; and Peter Whitehead has confirmed that a & # 39; official plaque, recognizing the names of those individuals and companies who come forward to help the club, will be placed in the clubhouse when he takes over. Each person would also receive a club membership pass, which entitles you to certain benefits on the spot. & # 39;

If you want to donate, click here to find the JustGiving page with the aim of raising £ 30,000 to save Worksop Town FC.

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Rangers 1-0 Livingston: Scott Arfield scores fourth goal in three games as Gers grind out nervy win

Even when Ibrox was battered by 55 mph winds and swirling rain, this counted as a degree of calm before Rangers after last week's storm.

Dropping further points was unthinkable. The collapse in Rugby Park, which caused so much damage to their title ambitions, simply had to be followed by a win. Everything less and the feeling that a season is completely blown off course would become overwhelming.

Steven Gerrard's side did what was needed. On a pitch due to a delay 24 hours earlier, they maintained a 10-point deficit on Celtic with a game in hand.

 Scott Arfield & # 39; s 59th strike gave Rangers a nervous but needed 1-0 win on Livingston "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> Scott Arfield & # 39; s 59th minute strike gave Rangers a nervous but had to win 1-0 from Livingston "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </noscript> </div>
<p class= Scott Arfield & # 39; s 59-minute strike gave Rangers a nervous but had to win 1-0 against Livingston

 Arfield pushed home from the edge of the box while 55mph winds Ibrox on Sunday beat "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript>] <img id= drilled home from the edge of the box as drilled 55 mph winds battered Ibrox on Sunday

 Alfred Morelos was substandard again when he drifted out of the game and missed opportunities "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Alfred Morelos was again below par when he was driving in and out of the game and chances missed

It was not particularly beautiful in the midst of the Gales. Nor completely convincing. However, Rangers deserved a win achieved by the goal of Scott Arfield in the 59th minute. They had the largest number of chances, often found Livingston keeper Ryan Schofield in great shape, but still had a lot of jitters when Lyndon Dykes hit the post with only eight minutes to play.

Had that entered, the atmosphere within Ibrox would have become more sombre than the sky above. As it was, the men of Gerrard can hold on to the stability that this result offers as they look ahead to the final 32 first leg of Thursday against Braga.

After dropping eight points in their six previous games in 2020, Rangers will prove that they can successfully make their way through many more games before their qualification challenges are restored. However, further misery has been prevented for now. News about Celtic who managed to reach a late winner in Pittodrie only served to further underline the non-negotiable nature of this assignment.

Competition Facts

Rangers: McGregor; Tavernier, Goldson, Katic, Halliday; Arfield, Davis, Jack; Hagi (Stewart 83), Kent (Kamberi 56), Morelos (Aribo 89)

Unused subs: Foderingham, Flanagan, Kamara, Jones

Livingston: Schofield; Guthrie, Brown, Lamie; Lawless (Menga 59), Crawford (Sibbald 77), Jacobs, Lawson, Souda (McMillan 72); Pitman; Dikes

Unused subs: Maley, Taylor-Sinclair, Devlin, Robins

Arfield stepped up with his fourth goal in three games if desired. His power was gratefully received by Gerrard, given that Alfredo Morelos seems to have lost his mojo. Rangers will hope that a return to the Europa League – in which he is a top scorer – can restore their talismanic striker in top form.

Livingston was unhappy with such a quick rescheduling of the game, instead arguing for Monday night. Manager Gary Holt, however, would have few complaints about the performance of his party. They remain fifth.

Gerrard emphatically criticized his players in Kilmarnock and disputed their mentality, but opted for large-scale adjustments. Steven Davis was restored to midfield for Joe Aribo in the lonely adaptation to the starting line-up.

Holt took the opposite approach in the aftermath of their 2-1 midweek win over St. Mirren, making a total of six changes. One of them was enforced, the goalkeeper of the Rangers loaner Robby McCrorie cannot play against his parent club. The introduction of Schofield was anything but a handicap.

The refurbishment also led to an intriguing tactical form. Livingston started by deploying a three-man defense but without clearly defined wing-backs for support. Captain Keaghan Jacobs and Steve Lawson sat just in front of their center backs to strangle the available space for Ryan Kent and Ianis Hagi. Playing against Holt & # 39; s team is never a comfortable experience.

As such, they provided a difficult opening for Rangers. A few long throws from Lyndon Dykes had already tested the Ibrox back line before one of Ciaron Brown caught the wind to give Aymen Souda a run through the inner right channel.

The corner was against the French-born Tunisian, with his effort slid across the face of Allan McGregor's goal mouth.

Gerrard's side was slow to find much rhythm in difficult circumstances below and above the head. Not to mention the tight marking. A first glimpse of threat came in 16 minutes when Andy Halliday headed a deflected cross from Ryan Jack. Morelos threw himself into it, but Ryan Schofield – on loan from Huddersfield – managed to put a foot out and make a crucial stop.

Rangers needed something to disrupt the yellow shirt range for them. Scott Arfield found it by winning possession in midfield before he quickly let go on the left on the left. He drifted in on his right foot and was not far away with a beaten, curly blow. Niko Katic then went there after the visitors had not released a set piece.

The men of Gerrard had it better, but without ever sparkling. Too many quirky passes and floppy touches caused that.

Nevertheless, they would lead the way in the break, except for Schofield's excellence. With ten minutes left by half, the Livingston goalkeeper produced a save to stand next to practically everyone who could be seen at Ibrox this season.

Davis drove past Jacobs to work a one-two with Morelos and poke a passing ball for Halliday. The left back connected well, but watched in surprise as Schofield held out a hand that pushed the ball up and over the top via a bar clip.

What followed six minutes later was not that spectacular, but no less important. A rare, smooth break from Rangers saw Morelos sweep the ball for Hagi, who acted for the supporting Davis. Schofield, however, shot out of line to accommodate a thundering ride from the Northern Irish skipper.

Livingston dice with a resignation when Jon Guthrie lost Connor Goldson with a clearly reckless, studs-up challenge when the Rangers center cleared back. Referee Euan Anderson, however, only reached for a yellow card. With some justification, several Ibrox players made the point that the penalty should have been worse.

Jack was the victim of a Robbie Crawford challenge that could have made another booking just after the restart, but it did not deter the midfielder from offering a much needed ride to the home team. His forward appears and pass released Morelos. In accordance with the poor performance of the Colombian, he cut wildly wide out of his right boot.

Kent then had a low shot saved by Schofield in what was his last act. The removal of the £ 7 million man for Florian Kamberi was Gerrard's first replacement.

The Hibernian borrower came in when the match went through a crucial three-minute swing. Livingston almost took the lead when a long throw from Brown found its way to Souda. McGregor repelled his lift from close by.

From that shock, Rangers provided a 59-minute advantage. Hagi managed to get his head up and choose a nice pass that matched Arfield's equally opportunistic forward run. Unmarked at the edge of the area, he managed to fire a low shot under Schofield to cause a small clenched fist celebration of a relieved Gerrard.

The home team looked for another to remove any doubt. Jack was unable to hit the goal after a neat build-up of James Tavernier, Hagi and Morelos. Then the Ibrox top score was sidelined when he moved for Arfield to hit a slanted finish past Schofield and into the corner of his net.

Dykes bumped against the pole from 20 meters, Ibrox used to hold his breath. But while Kamberi also saw an attack that was offside, Rangers crossed the line.

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Kyle Edmund suffers fourth defeat in a row as British number one is knocked out of Madrid Open

Kyle Edmund suffers the fourth defeat in a row because British number one is beaten from Madrid in the opening round by Fabio Fognini

  • Kyle Edmund has so far wrestled with clay and fell to a 6-4 6-3 defeat
  • It was a tough fight against the hugely talented Italian Fabio Fognini
  • Fognini is on a winning run after claiming the Masters title in Monte-Carlo

Kyle Edmund suffered a fourth consecutive defeat by losing to 10th seed Fabio Fognini in the opening round of the Mutua Madrid Open.

The British number one is unusual among his countrymen because he is perfectly at home on clay, but he has struggled to the surface this season and fell to 6-4 6-3 in the Spanish capital city.

It was a very tough draw against the hugely talented Italian, with Fognini on a winning run after claiming the title Masters in Monte-Carlo last month.

 Kyle Edmund suffered a fourth consecutive defeat in losing 10th seed Fabio Fognini "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Kyle Edmund suffered a fourth consecutive defeat in loss of 10th seed Fabio Fognini

Edmund had chances, especially in the first set, but after recovering from an early break, he couldn't advance against the player who defeated him in five sets in the third round of the French Open last summer.

Edmund showed resilience in saving 12 of the 16 breakpoints he encountered, but his second portion was fragile and he will be desperately on his way to Rome for Roland Garros next week.

The 24-year-old sees his ranking of 22 fall after reaching the quarter-finals here last season, where his scalp i including Novak Djokovic.

 Fognini is winning after claiming the Masters title in Monte-Carlo last month "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Fognini is winning after claiming the Masters title in Monte-Carlo last month

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Roma booed off after defeat by Bologna for their fourth loss in six games

Roma left after defeat by Bologna for their fourth loss in six games … and even Chris Smalling made a costly mistake

  • Roma have now lost four games of their last six games in Serie A
  • A 3-2 home defeat to Bologna on Friday night saw an outbreak of cheers
  • Manchester United borrower Chris Smalling made a mistake for one of the goals
  • The defender rolled the ball over the area and he was thrown home

The misery of Roma continued after a defeat against Bologna saw players leave the field for a chorus of angry.

Musa Barrow scored twice to help Bologna achieve a 3-2 Series A victory on Friday night when the Giallorossi crisis worsened.

Manchester United Borrower Chris Smalling, who is a resurgent figure this season, has exacerbated the misery after being directly responsible for the opening attack, allowing the ball to be played freely over the area.

Bologna reached the sixth place, one place under Rome, after a third consecutive victory.

 Bologna players enjoyed the opportunity at Stadio Olimpico after a hard-earned victory "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id=
 Chris Smalling was wrong in the opening goal after he hit the ball over the "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <noscript> let roll <noscript> <img id= Chris Smalling made the mistake in the opening goal after the ball rolls over the area

Roma won only one of their past six league games and lost four of

Roma tried to bounce back from losses to Sassuolo 4-2, but gave the opener to Bologna in the 16th minute when Smalling inexplicably left Barrow & # 39; s cross, allowing Riccardo to tap Orsolini on the far post.

Roma tied the score in the 22nd when the defender of Bologna Stefano Denswil bundled Aleksandar Kolarov's cross into his own net, but Barrow restored the visitors' lead only four minutes later when his attempt in the top corner was deflected.

It was Barrow's first start since he was loaned by Atalanta and he doubled his count for six minutes in the second half as he raced from the center line before curling in the lower right corner.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan contracted Bruno Peres to halve the backlog, but Roma & # 39; s probability of leveling decreased 10 minutes from the moment Bryan Cristante received a straight red card for his challenge to Orsolini.

After the game, Kolarov admitted that things became difficult for Roma, but insisted that the team stay together in this difficult phase.

& # 39; Our 2020 did not start well, but these periods can occur during a season. The only thing we can do is keep our head down and work harder.

Defending Aleksandar Kolarov later admitted Bologna deserved to win the competition

& # 39; We found Bologna were heavy & # 39; to beat and dangerous in the counterattack. Our pressing was not good enough and that left us flat on the counter.

& # 39; Bologna definitely deserved to win and we have not met our standards today. We did better after the break, but it wasn't enough.

& # 39; There are many elements to the negative period, but as the oldest in the group I stay close to my friends, we discussed it, know what to do and continue. & # 39;

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Liverpool vs Shrewsbury – FA Cup fourth round replay: Live score and updates

Liverpool vs Shrewsbury, LIVE: Reds youth want to prevent Anfield upset plus the rest of the FA Cup fourth round replay action

  • Youthful Liverpool team hopes to see Shrewsbury Town in a repeat
  • Red without first team stars and Jurgen Klopp, with Neil Critchley in the lead
  • There are four FA Cup fourth round plays again off from 7:45 pm
  • Newcastle United is also in Cup action when they visit Oxford United at 8pm

Liverpool will look at to maintain their hope of winning the FA Cup without their established stars, while receiving Shrewsbury Town in a fourth round at Anfield.

The Reds threw away a 2-0 lead in the first draw to draw 2-2 at Montgomery Waters Meadow, and they will be without their team from the first team and manager Jurgen Klopp are those who have a winter break. Under 23, boss Neil Critchley will be in the dugout in Anfield.

There are four other additional bands during the evening, including the trip from Newcastle United to Oxford United and you can follow all the action here as it happens.

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Kyle Shanahan admits his 49ers team were punished for failing to convert in the fourth quarter

& # 39; Everyone is disappointed … and it should be: San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan admits that his team was punished for failing to convert in the fourth quarter after the Chiefs of Kansas City Super Bowl LIV win

  • San Francisco 49ers faced 20-10 when Kansas City Chiefs fought back
  • The Chiefs scored three unanswered touchdowns for Super Bowl LIV win
  • 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said his team just failed in the last moments

The San Francisco 49ers won in their first five Super Bowl performances. Their last two have ended in painful defeats.

After handling everything throughout the season, they seemed to be the size of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Leading with 20-10, they were in control on both sides of the ball. Patrick Mahomes ran for his life and made mistakes, while the 49ers ran and passed as they pleased.

 San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan runs empty-handedly away from the Super Bowl "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan runs away empty-handed from the Super Bowl

 Shanahan talks to an official during Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Shanahan talks with an official during the Sunday game against the Kansas City Chiefs

But then it all changed in the fourth quarter already. Powered by Mahomes and declining Damien Williams, the Chiefs withdrew 21 unanswered points to win a third straight play-off game with a two-digit margin after at least ten points.

"That team, that's how they have been all year," said 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan.

"They are not a team that does every ride. They get a bit hot and cold. They can score very quickly. That is why there were two playoff games where they were cold to start and that were down, and when they had dissolved in both games halfway through time.

& # 39; That's how the team is. That team doesn't do it every ride, but it was a matter of time. They have many plays. We did not convert those third downs in the fourth quarter.

 Shanahan falls short after three years in the Super Bowl with the Atlanta Falcons "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Shanahan is three years short after he lost in the Super Bowl with the Atlanta Falcons

& # 39; You don't convert those fourth downs, you don't get an explosive run, you don't get too many chances. & # 39;

Asked about the mood in the dressing room, he continued: & They just hurt. Boys stop it all. They have done it all year round, from the first to the last game. It is a really close team.

& # 39; Everyone is disappointed and it should be. I would not expect anything else. Boys put their hearts into the season and were short of one game. & # 39;

 After the match, the 40-year-old faces the media, in which his party leaves a 10-blew point ahead of "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= After the game, the 40-year-old faces the media, in which his party leaves a 10-point lead on


Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo – playing with less than two minutes Super Bowl immortality was in his sights, but the recipient threw Emmanuel Sanders wide open – added: & # 39; We missed some shots tonight. Just some plays that we usually make. It was a tough one there. "

Sanders was more blunt and said," We have lost it. We had them. We were ten points higher in the fourth quarter and could not finish this. It was a great team performance, but we just didn't finish the job. & # 39;

A tight end to George Kittle, who fell victim to a controversial offensive pass interference at the end of the first quarter. he pushed from Chiefs security Daniel Sorensen, said: & I have to live with it. It is what it is. You know the referee makes the call, you live with it. & # 39;

 Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is under pressure during the Super Bowl in Miami, Florida "class =" blkBorder img -share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id=

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is put under pressure during the Super Bowl in Miami , Florida

Asked what the turning point was, he added: & # 39; I think the turning point was when we had sales and then we didn't & # 39; t perform on offense, and they immediately got the ball back and drove it 87 meters. As an insult, we must end the game well, and we have not done that. & # 39;

Meanwhile, cornerback Richard Sherman remained behind in the aftermath of Sammy Watkins, the Chiefs recipient who completed a vital 38-yard completion to the ten-yard line of the 49ers.

"He made a play," Sherman said in a short post-match appearance. "We are still a great defense. Our game just didn't run.

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Bournemouth vs Arsenal – FA Cup fourth round: Live score and updates

Bournemouth vs. Arsenal, LIVE – Latest score and updates as the Gunners try to prevent knockout at Vitality Stadium and advance to FA Cup fifth round

Bournemouth host ]] Arsenal tonight in the final FA Cup fourth round collision.

The Gunners will meet Eddie Howe & # 39; s men for the first time in the Arsenal competition, winning eight of their last 11 meetings against the Cherries.

DANIEL DAVIS of Sportsmail will report live of the FA Cup draw on the south coast, including score, setups and all build-up.

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England’s pacemen wrap up another commanding victory over South Africa in fourth Test

The pacemakers of England conclude another impressive victory in the fourth test, while Mark Wood, Stuart Broad and Ben Stokes tear through South African batsmen again to seal the victory in the 3-1 series

England defeated South Africa ] with 191 runs to take the series 3-1 after Mark Wood, Stuart Broad and Ben Stokes tore through the batting of the hosts in Johannesburg.

Wood led the attack with four wickets, while Broad and Stokes took two each when England eventually claimed the 10 wickets they needed with relative ease.

Rassie van der Dussen offered some resistance to the besieged home team and fell against Wood twice before his century, but South Africa never seemed to save the game.

More to follow

 After the resignation of South African batsman Quinton de Kock, day four "class =" blkBorder img-share " /> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Mark Wood celebrates after the resignation of South African batsman Kock Quinton on day four

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Hollie Doyle continues blistering start to new year as jockey celebrates fourth treble in a week 

Hollie Doyle continues to blow the beginning of the new year as the 23-year-old jockey celebrates fourth triplicate in a week

Hollie Doyle & # 39; s irresistible form went Saturday continue with a remarkable fourth triple in a week.

Wins at Kempton with Comeatchoo and Vibrance, to add Lingfield's victory over Too Shy Shy, 23-year-old Doyle took 20 wins this year, setting up a platform to improve the count from last year's 116 – a record for a British female jockey.

The excitement of winners justifies Doyle's decision to keep her foot on the gas. Her partner and fellow jockey Tom Marquand rides in Australia and Doyle would like to join him one day. But she says time is not right.

& # 39; I really like it but I like it have a good job and it goes well here, & # 39; said Doyle. "I have to keep going and make the best of it. Someone like me can be forgotten in an instant. I look over my shoulder all the time and am still aware that no matter what your ability or how well you do, something can happen.

"You can be injured for a week or not have many rides. Racing is unpredictable. & # 39;

Working together with Lambourn trainer Archie Watson two years ago, Doyle has taken her career to a new level after a slow start of her career with only six winners in three seasons.

Doyle said: & # 39; I never felt that I was not doing well because I am a girl. I felt that I had to work harder because I was not as natural as some boys. My confidence is good now. "

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Shrewsbury vs Liverpool – FA Cup Fourth Round: Live score and updates

Shrewsbury vs Liverpool, LIVE: Latest score and updates when Jurgen Klopp's men try to reach the fifth round of the FA Cup for the first time in five years

  • Liverpool journeys to League One Shrewsbury Town in fourth round of the FA Cup
  • The Reds have not reached the fifth round since the 2014-15 campaign
  • The FA Cup fourth round kickoff of Montgomery Waters Meadow is at 5:00 pm

Shrewsbury Town host Liverpool ] at Montgomery Waters Meadow to complete the FA Cup of Sunday in the fourth round, since Jurgen Klopp & # 39; s men try to prevent an upset against the League One outfit.

The Reds will be looking for FA Cup fifth round progression for the first time since the 2014-15 season when they reached the semifinals while diverting their attention from a remarkable Premier League campaign in which they are runaway leaders.

Both sides met only once in all competitions with their last meeting in the fourth round of the FA Cup in 1996, in which the Reds won 4-0 thanks to goals from Robbie Fowler, Stan Collymore and Jason McAteer.

Dan Ripley of Sportsmail will provide live FA Cup coverage of Shrewsbury vs Liverpool including score, setups and setup.

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