Premier League to fight government attempts to limit betting sponsors

Premier League to fight government attempts to limit gambling sponsors

  • Ministers have promised to re-examine the Gambling Act 2005
  • All Premier League clubs have gambling partners with half as main sponsor
  • There is criticism that the left promote gambling with children

The Premier League will strongly opposes any attempt by the government to limit shirt sponsoring by gambling companies with the clubs that are determined to sell advertising space to the highest bidder. and led to an influx of sports betting companies, in a broad evaluation that could lead to significant restrictions on their activities, including a possible ban on shirt sponsoring.

However, the Premier League will fight such calls for stricter regulations to protect the income of their clubs, all of which have gambling partners, 10 of which have a gambling company as their main sponsor.

 West Ham is one of a number of teams with gambling companies that sponsor their shirts "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= West Ham is one of a number of teams where gambling companies sponsor their shirts

Richard Masters, president of the Premier League, today launched a strong defense of club gambling bands, despite concerns that the strong association has led to an increase in problem gambling and addiction, especially among children.

& # 39; We are not at all snarling or judgmental about gambling, & # 39; Masters said. & # 39; As you know, sports and gambling have a long association.

& # 39; The Premier League has no partnerships with gambling companies, we do not sell viewing rights, but it is up to our clubs whether they want to have their own gambling relationships. They all do that, and some are on the front of the shirt.

& # 39; I think this area needs stronger governance, especially to protect the vulnerable, but I don't think the answer should come to the end that football clubs should no longer have shirt sponsoring of gambling companies.

& # 39; Our clubs have always adhered to the rules and regulations relating to this. & # 39;

 Half of the Premier League clubs have gambling companies as their leading shirt sponsors. "Class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Half of the Premier League clubs have gambling companies as their leading shirt sponsor

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Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone hit 170-pounds limit as stars weigh in ahead of Las Vegas showdown

Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone both hit 170 pound limit as UFC weighs 246 stars before Las Vegas confrontation

Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone made both weight for their UFC 246 showdown, which easily overcome the last hurdle for combat night.

Cutting weight can be the most curvy part of the fighters process, but the main event fighters looked healthy and energetic on the scales.

& # 39; Cowboy & # 39; was the first man out and hit 170 pounds on the dot. McGregor took his time but weighed exactly the same.

He asked the UFC staff how to flex his biceps and to acknowledge a fan shouted his name and then disappeared from the stage.

The & # 39; infamous & # 39; won his first title at 145 pounds before he captured the 155 pound division, so 170 is no problem at all for him.

The brutal dehydration, sauna time and exercise to shed those last few painful pounds were graciously absent here.

A perspective is slowly developing that athletes who compete for their most natural weight rather than looking for a big advantage are not only medically sensitive, but also make sense from the perspective of performance.

Those who cut an enormous amount can suffer physically in battle, especially in terms of cardio because their bodies simply did not have the chance to fully recover.

This should not be his indictment for McGregor and his intention to acquire & # 39; rounds & # 39; suggests that a four or five round match will not be too much for him.

The Irish has been accused of gassing in the past, but this is the right change to his training schedule to go into the cage for 25 minutes if needed. This week he was walking around below the limit, so if he could have treated something to a decent breakfast before going to the scales.

Cerrone is the naturally taller man at 6 ft 1 in but also regularly competes in the lightweight division so could enjoy a fighting week in Las Vegas without worrying about 170 pounds.

He is hardly a huge physical welterweight specimen, but the least advantage is a nice advantage to have in his favor.

Neither of the two men is likely to enter the octagon considerably more heavily, but the mental obstacle to clearing the weighings out of the way will allow both of them to concentrate fully on the fight.

They will record it for the last time at the ceremonial weightings later in the afternoon for fans at the Park Theater MGM and start counting down the hours with just over a day until they finally toe-to -to go.

BT Sport Box Office shows Conor McGregor's return to the Octagon, exclusively live on Saturday, January 18, as he battles Donald & # 39; Cowboy & # 39; Cerrone records

UFC 246 costs just £ 19.95 and can be viewed on BT TV, Virgin, Sky, online via the internet or the BT Sport Box Office app.

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