Jose Mourinho says his ‘troubled’ team at Tottenham have had to be ‘pragmatic’ to compete

Jose Mourinho says that his & # 39; restless & # 39; team at Tottenham & # 39; pragmatic & # 39; had to be able to compete while looking back at critics of his playing style

  • Jose Mourinho chose a line of defense Spurs side in defeat against Liverpool
  • Sky Sports expert Gary Neville criticized his playing style after the game
  • But Mourinho believes his team had & # 39; pragmatic & # 39; are to compete in that game
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    Jose Mourinho has defended Spurs & # 39; tactics in the 1-0 loss against Liverpool and claimed that his side & # 39; pragmatic & # 39;

    Mourinho selected five defenders for Saturday night's game, with both Serge Aurier and young Japhet Tanganga making his debut for the north side London on the right.

    As a result, they owned only 28 percent in the first half and there was criticism of Gary Neville's style.

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<p> <noscript> <img id= Jose Mourinho has defended the style of his Spurs team from playing against Liverpool on Saturday

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<p> <noscript> <img id= Gary Neville said he wasn't sure if fans would like that style of Spurs

    The Sky Sports expert suggested that he wasn't sure that fans would be okay with the & # 39; pragmatic playing style & # 39; and this compared to the more & # 39; progressive football & # 39; from Jurgen Klopp.

    But Mourinho defended the performance and pointed out how his team had improved after the introduction of Erik Lamela and Giovani Lo Celso, explaining that they could not have played the full 90 minutes.

    The Portuguese manager told the Evening Standard : & # 39; It helps to have [always] the mentality to win the next game. It doesn't matter which competition it is, how many injuries we have or what you are trying to be.

    & # 39; To have imagination, to be creative, to try to build something that can make you believe you are you. can win the competition, just as we were convinced that we could beat Liverpool, so you create a winning mentality.

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<p> <noscript> <img id= His Alli won the ball from Andy Robertson during the conflict against Jurgen Klopp

    & You go for every game and you try, even if you need to be more strategic than philosophical. Philosophical is when you follow a certain philosophy and everything is in place to follow it.

    & # 39; But another thing is when you're in trouble and you have to be pragmatic, creative and try to build something. That's what we did against Liverpool.

    & # 39; We have tried to create something. Even the game plan, not just the way we started the game, but the overall game plan, we tried to be in circumstances to win. If I start the game in the same way as the last 25 minutes, we couldn't do it [maintain it]. (Erik) Lamela couldn't play 90 minutes that way, Giovani (Lo Celso) didn't have the intensity to play that game for 90 minutes.

    & # 39; You should try to give the players that winning mentality even if you are in a difficult situation like us. And what we want to do. So [on Tuesday] we try again, we try to win again. & # 39;

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