Carlton Cole reveals his shock at being asked to find ‘big, black and quick’ players for an agency

West Ham favorite Carlton Cole reveals his shock because he is asked to & # 39; large, black and fast & # 39; find players while searching for a desk, because he admits that he is being brainwashed by stereotypes & # 39;

] Carlton Cole is stunned by his experiences with a scouting agency

  • Cole says that an unnamed club asked him to & # 39; large, black and fast & # 39; players to explore
  • The former West Ham attacker believes that black players are still often stereotyped
  • Former rush-hour Carlton Cole in England has about a few of his experiences of racism in football and his shock when asked & # 39; BBQ & # 39; s & # 39; to find – players that are big, black and fast.

    Cole was astonished when he heard the term, which plays on stereotypes of black players, while working for a desk and receiving some criteria from an unnamed academy while looking for young players.

    Cole, now a coach under 16 at West Ham talked about Joe & # 39; s Liquid Football show along with fellow former English international Shaun Wright-Phillips when they were looting BBC Radio Derby expert Craig Ramage discussed for his racist frenzy about Derby's young black players last weekend.

     Carlton Cole says he has been asked to scout players who & # 39; large, black and fast & # 39; his & # 39; class = "blkBorder img-share" /> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Carlton Cole says he has been asked to scout players who & # 39; large, black and fast & # 39;

    Former Chelsea and West Ham attacker said he even became & # 39; brainwashed & # 39; by some stereotypes that he heard describing as & # 39; mental scars & # 39 ;.

    & # 39; That's why I ran through brick walls, just to show that I wasn't lazy, & # 39; he said.

    & # 39; It just seemed to us as black players that we had to work harder and longer than the white boys and that is why we got the label as workhorses and muscles. & # 39;

     Cole believes I & s institutionalized racism & # 39; in football where black players are stereotyped "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Cole believes that there are & # 39; institutionalized racism & # 39; is in football where black players are stereotyped

    Continue what he & # 39; institutionalized racism & # 39; named & # 39; in soccer Cole, 36, said: & # 39; Not too long ago I was talking about which players we would like to watch, I did something for an academy, and then this man comes to me – a white man by the way and I wouldn't want him to be a racist or something – because there stereotype is black players, he said, "we are looking for BBQ's." He goes "yes, yes, big, black and fast. I had something like & # 39; wait a minute, why isn't there big, white and fast? & # 39;

    " Why does it always have to be black and be fast? This is what I am trying to say. Black players have stereotypes in a certain way.

    "My type of player, I was tall, black and fast so I was a BBQ. And he tells me Actually: & # 39; I need a BBQ, just a bit like you Coley. "I was like" oh my God. "That is racism in itself."

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    More VAR confusion…lawmakers set to crack down on ‘armpit offsides’ but no sign of quick change 

    Football leaders finally pay attention The Mail on Sunday campaign to & # 39 ; armpit outside & # 39; but there is still no clear consensus on the way forward

    The game's legislators, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), will sidelined the furor caused by VAR-ruling players by a few centimeters at a meeting in Northern Ireland later this month.

    And last week Premier League head Mike Riley informed clubs about the possibility of using a thicker 10 cm Line for outdoor games to allow an error margin in tight decisions.

     Lawmakers start to listen to complaints that the marginal offside is too harsh "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Lawmakers begin to listen to complaints that the marginal offside regulation is too harsh

    The disapproval chorus about marginal offsides by experts including Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Danny Murphy escalated after The Mail demonstrated on Sunday in August that the margin of error is often 15-20 cm, which is nonsense to say that a player is 3 cm offside. In extreme cases the margin of error can be up to 38 cm.

    Our story came a week after the offside of the season; Gabriel Jesus' goal for Manchester City against West Ham was excluded because Raheem Sterling was assessed as an offside of 2.4 cm. But the margin of error, taking into account the speed at which Sterling sprinted, was 13 cm.

    Premier League clubs then expressed their dissatisfaction and asked Riley for solutions. So far, 25 goals have been sidelined by VAR this season. Riley told clubs that with a 10 cm line, nine of those 25 goals – including those of Jesus – would have been given. He did the same presentation with a 15 cm wide line, showing that 10 goals would be allowed, and a 20 cm line, which would have seen 11 of the 25 goals awarded.

     Head of PGMOL Mike Riley spoke to top clubs last week about the VAR offside statements "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Head of PGMOL Mike Riley spoke to top clubs last week about the VAR offside rules

     Pundits such as Rio Ferdinand have criticized the way in which offside is decided by VAR "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript>] <img id= Pundits such as Rio Ferdinand criticize the way in which offside is decided by VAR

    Mar. r The Premier League cannot move unless IFAB considers their feasible solution. There is growing pressure for a reconsideration; The UEFA is not at IFAB, but will be lobbying hard to end offside in the armpit. UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said: & # 39; If you have a long nose now, you can be sidelined. & # 39;

    UEFA allows their video recruiters a certain leeway in Champions League matches and they will only have a clear offside.

    IFAB's General Secretary Lukas Brud seemed to come to this image in December when he said: & # 39; If you spend several minutes trying to identify whether it is offside or not, it is not clear and clear and the original decision must remain.

    & # 39; In theory 1 mm offside is offside, but if a decision is made that a player is not offside and tries to identify the VAR by looking at five, six, seven, 10, 12 camera & # 39; s, whether it was offside or not, the original decision should remain. & # 39;

     Fans have also attacked VAR to ruin the atmosphere regarding the celebration of the target class = "blkBorder img-share" /> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Fans have also attacked VAR for ruining the atmosphere with regard to the celebration of goals

    Initially, FIFA's guideline was that VAR was only meant to intervene for & # 39; clear and obvious & # 39 But it was assumed that offside decisions were final, rather than opinions.

    However, the story of Mail on Sunday showed that the speed of VAR cameras means 50 frames per second. that a sprinting player can cover more than 13 cm between frames us VAR can only be approximately accurate.

    It has been called to change the offside law, so that if part of the body is on the side, the player is on the side. But the simplest change that IFAB can make this month is to decide that offside should only be ignored if there is a clear and obvious error.

    That would follow the VAR manifesto of The Mail on Sunday, published in November, when we argued for a rule for & # 39; linesman & # 39 ;: if a player is 15 cm or less offside or offside VAR must adhere to the decision of assistant referee.

     The Mail on Sunday has proposed new methods for assessing tight and controversial offside calls "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= The Mail on Sunday has introduced new methods for assessing tight and controversial offside calls

     If VAR says a player is 15 cm or less offside, the original decision "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= If VAR says that a player sts 15 cm or less offside than the original decision should remain

    Critics have quickly rejected the idea of ​​a thicker line of 10 cm. Lineker tweeted: "This cannot be serious: 10 cm of space. Who will find out if it is nine, 10 or 11 cm? … If it is not clear, then it is flat and on the side. "

    It could even cause more controversy. For the rejected goal of David McGoldrick for Sheffield United against Spurs in November, the boot of John Lundstram was offside.

    Because Lundstram was not running fast, we can almost be sure that he was offside, even if it was just a matter of centimeters. But with 10 cm of leeway, he would be considered our side.

    Mail on Sunday expert and former referee Chris Foy said: "People go to competitions to see goals. So if a degree of tolerance was introduced for offside, we would of course see more goals. At the moment, all suggestions are hypothetical. Nothing has been decided and nothing will change this season, but perhaps IFAB can find a way to change the system while maintaining the integrity of the offside law. & # 39;

    Whatever happens during the IFAB meeting on February 29, there can be no rule change during the mid season. But in the summer we may have seen the last of the armpit offside.

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    Gareth Bale makes quick exit during Real Madrid’s 4-3 defeat to Real Sociedad

    Gareth Bale quickly leaves during Real Madrid's 4-3 defeat to Real Sociedad when the side of Zinedine Zidane from the Copa del Rey crashed

    • Real Madrid became 4 -3 reports by Real Sociedad in the Copa del Rey
    • Martin Odergaard, who is on loan to Sociedad, scored against his parent club
    • Madrid star Gareth Bale was seen leaving the ground 10 minutes before full time
    • Real Madrid club rules say that non-team players may leave early

    Gareth Bale made a hasty exit while his teammates were still playing Real Sociedad in their 4-3 defeat on Thursday evening.

    The side of Zinedine Zidane crashed out of the Copa del Rey when borrower Martin Odergaard scored to pile up the misery on the Santiago Bernebeu.

    It could have been worse for Los Blancos who was 4-3 behind their rivals La Liga and the Welshman had decided to leave the ground earlier teammates fought back a fight.

     Gareth Bale was seen making a hasty exit from the Bernebeu while Madrid played "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id=. Gareth Bale was spotted playing a fast Bernebeu exit while Madrid played

     The Real Madrid star left the stadium eight minutes before the full time when his party fell to "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= The Real Madrid star left the stadium eight minutes before the full time when his party fell to defeat

    With eight minutes on the clock, the 30-yea r-old was seen in his car that left the Bernebeu. Spanish outlet AS shared video footage of the attacker driving away in his Audi.

    Bale watched from the sidelines, with club rules that stipulate that non-participating players may leave games after the 80 minutes.

    It is not the first time that the former Spurs man leaves the ground for the first time. In January 2019, Bale fled the ground after a new defeat in the hands of Real Sociedad. On that occasion he left 12 minutes before the final whistle.

     Bale did not get stuck for Real Sociedad's loss of 4-3 in the Copa del Rey "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Bale didn & # 39; t stuck for Real Madrid & 4-3 loss to Real Sociedad in the Copa del Rey

     The Welshman left at 4-1 and missed a late fight back from his Madrid team mats on Thursday "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= The Welshman left 4-1 and missed a late fight back from his teammates in Madrid on Thursday

    Zidane fielded a strong team for Sociedad on Thursday day, with names like Sergio Ramos, Vinicius Jr., Karim Benzema and Toni Kroos mentioned in the first eleven.

    However, they were unable to reverse the 1-0 first left deficit, with Sociedad running out of winners. Former Arsenal captain Nacho Monreal stood next to Odergaard for the visitors, as did former Manchester United youth Adnan Januzaj.

    Barcelona was also packed after being lost to Atletico Bilbao to further widen the gap between Lionel Messi and the club heads.

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    Lukasz Fabianski boost for West Ham as goalkeeper expected to make quick recovery from hip injury 

    Lukasz Fabianski boost to West Ham because goalkeeper expected to make quick recovery from hip injury

  • Fabianski had to go off only 13 minutes in 1-0 defeat at Sheffield United
  • The 34-year-old goalkeeper injured his hip while taking a goal kick on Friday
  • A scan on Monday showed that the injury was not seriously feared first. January 13, 2020

    West Ham have been great fitness boost with the news that goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski is on the sidelines for just a few weeks.

    The 34-year-old had only 13 minutes to go by on Friday night's defeat in Sheffield United after hurting his hip by taking a goal kick.

     Lukasz Fabianski had to go off for defeat on Friday evening in Sheffield United only 13 minutes "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Lukasz Fabianski only had to go off 13 minutes during Friday night's defeat in Sheffield United

    There were fears that the Polish international had sustained a repeat of his injury and suffered in Bournemouth in September, also while taking a goal kick, which required surgery and put him out of action for three months.

    A scan on Monday, however, has shown that the injury is not serious, and he may be back in time to face Liverpool at the end of the month.

    Hammer's head of medical Richard Collinge said: & # 39; It is good news in the sense that Lukasz has not worsened or suffered from t

    & # 39; The scan has a slight inflammation and irritation of scar tissue, which is quite common after surgery, and clearly the cause of the discomfort he felt on Friday.

     The 34-year-old goalkeeper is only a few weeks on the sidelines with hip injury "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= The 34-year-old keeper is only a few weeks opposite on the sidelines with hip injury

    & # 39; We should just let the inflammation sink in and expect Lukasz to be available again in a few weeks. & # 39;

    Spaniard Roberto delegated to Fabianski for much of his original spell, but due to a series of errors, West Ham fell.

    David Martin, signed as the third choice goalkeeper club in the summer, replaced Fabianski in Bramall Lane, but his mistake led to the sole purpose of the game.

    West Ham has tried to re-sign his former goalkeeper Darren Rando lph from Middlesbrough, but he has also had injury problems this season.

    The Hammers face Everton on Saturday, travel to Leicester next Wednesday and receive West Brom in the FA Cup the following weekend.

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  • Harry Redknapp defends Jose Mourinho and insists quick fix is impossible at Tottenham

    & # 39; No one has a magic wand and at the moment the team just doesn't seem to look good & # 39 ;: Harry Redknapp defends Jose Mourinho and insists that quick fix is ​​impossible in Tottenham wrestling

    • Tottenham is currently sixth in the league and unprofitable in their last three
    • Jose Mourinho has taken over from Mauricio Pochettino but is still poor
    • Harry Redknapp insists that it is impossible for Mourinho to repair the club with magic wand
    • He says the team doesn't look good, but their game will raise for the clash with Liverpool
    • Harry Redknapp believes in trouble Tottenham currently facing can not be resolved overnight by new manager Jose Mourinho

      The Portuguese took over from the popular Mauricio Pochettino in the north London but were unable to arrest the team breakdown and they are still outside the top five, under Manchester United .

      Spurs are without a win in their last three, and Redknapp believes it is impossible for Mourinho to wave a wand and solve the problems in his side.

       Jose Mourinho has not been able to arrest Tottenham's slump since he arrived at the "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Jose Mourinho has had the collapse of Tottenham since unable to arrest his arrival at the club

       <img id= Spurs are in their last three without profit and are still sitting outside the top five in the Premier League

      Tottenham, they just go through a very few, well, pretty long, spelling when you look at it, & # 39; Redknapp told Sky Sports .

      & # 39; The last 25 games with Poch in the form of whatever reason, they went so well and then suddenly that big series of bad form. And the shape has really gone up and down right now.

      & # 39; Jose went in there, we know his record, it's incredible, but nobody got a magic wand and at the moment the team just doesn't look good.

      & # 39; Poor result the other day in Southampton, a few dubious versions, happy to get away with it in Norwich. & # 39;

      ]  Harry Redknapp insists that it is impossible for Mourinho to wave a wand and solve problems "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Harry Redknapp insists that Mourinho cannot wave a magic wand and solve problems


       Spurs lost on New Year's Day in Southampton in their last league match and have Liverpool following "class =" blkBorder img- share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Spurs lost on Southampton on New Year's Day in their lasts to competition match and have Liverpool next

      Redknapp himself is a former Tottenham manager, and has watched his next match – at home against runaway league leaders Liverpool.

      Despite the almost perfect season of the Reds – and the gap of 28 points with a game in hand – Redknapp believes there might be an upset.

      & They will raise their game for Liverpool at home, & he added. "They want Liverpool to break an unbeaten run and it will certainly be a tight game.

      " You wouldn't write off Tottenham, they have excellent players in the team, but at the moment Liverpool looks really different. & # 39;

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    Jose Mourinho admits there will be no quick return for Tottenham talisman Harry Kane

    & # 39; The feelings I had that was not a minor injury were correct & # 39 ;: Jose Mourinho admits that there will be no quick return for Harry Kane after the Tottenham star was set aside for eight weeks on New Year's Day with hamstring injury

    • Harry Kane stumbled from Southampton's defeat of Tottenham on New Year's Day
    • Kane is expected to be set aside for eight weeks with a hamstring injury
    • Spurs boss Jose Mourinho admits there will be no quick return for his star attacker
    • One side of Tottenham without Kane pulled 1- 1 with Middlesbrough in the FA Cup
    • Jose Mourinho has admitted striker The damage of Harry Kane is bad because he is feared after seeing Tottenham detained a 1-1 FA Cup third round draw in Middlesbrough.

      Kane damaged a hamstring in the 1-0 Premier League defeat on Southampton on New Year's Day and although his manager does not yet know how long the captain of England will be put aside, it seems it that he could be confronted with an elaborate spell.

      Mourinho said: & I think it's better if the medical department talks about it or makes an official report.

       Jose Mourinho admits there will be no quick return for Harry Kane who is injured "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Jose Mourinho admits there will be no quick return for Harry Kane who is injured

      & # 39; The only thing I can add is that the feelings I had that it wasn't a minor injury were correct. It is not a minor injury, but I cannot speak about times. & # 39;

      Kane & # 39; s absence was noticeable when Spurs struggled to tear down a well-organized Boron at the Riverside Stadium, with Son Heung-min and Lucas Moura trying to close the gap .

      It was Moura who eventually canceled Ashley Fletcher the 50th minute opener with a fierce header, but the Portuguese were disappointed that his side no longer made their share of possession, although he refused to use Kane & # 39; accident as an excuse.

       Captain Tottenham stumbled from his side defeat through Southampton with a hamstring injury "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Captain Tottenham limpeded from his side by Southampton with a hamstring injury

       Mourinho admitted that Kane's absence on the Riverside was noticeable after they went with Boron "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Mourinho admitted that Kane & # 39; s absence was noticeable on the Riverside after she signed with Boron

      Mourinho said: & I didn't speak – or if I did, it was very incidental y – around [Hugo] Lloris. I don't come here, or to press pre-match conferences, you never hear me, "Lloris, Lloris, Lloris", so right now it won't be "Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry".

      & # 39; We have what we have and we stay with them. The boys did what they could. You can't transform Luke or Son into a # 9 like Harry Kane, so we have to try other things and that's what we're going to do.

      & # 39; While Harry is away, he clearly does not play every minute means a lot to us. It's a big loss for us, but we have to accept it and we have to fight it with the guys that are available. & # 39;

       Ashley Fletcher put the championship side in front with a cool finish in their FA Cup tie "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Ashley Fletcher put the championship side in front with a cool finish in their FA Cup draw

      ] Lucas Moura canceled Fletcher the 50th minute opener with a header in the 1-1 draw "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Lucas Moura canceled Fletcher the 50th minute opener with a strong head in the 1-1 draw

      Boron boss Jonathan Woodgate had nothing but praise for his players who entered the game after four Sky Bet Championship wins.

      Woodgate said: "Gaining confidence and OK sometimes this season we missed that with a few of the results.

      " But we stayed there and we were not that far away at home and away and we have had some good performances – and again, that was a really good performance. & # 39;

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    Carlo Ancelotti could make a quick return to management as Arsenal and Everton eye move

    News about Carlo Ancelotti's resignation as Napoli manager had at least one Premier League board member telephone reached on Tuesday evening.

    Ancelotti's family tree coaches are not immediately available, so if the Italian suddenly becomes unemployed, you take action.

    The specific conditions of Neapolitan farewell to Ancelotti were still finalized on Wednesday, the outcome of which was crucial to know whether the initial interest of Arsenal and Everton solidifies, or flows away.

     Carlo Ancelotti is in demand in the Premier League after being dismissed as boss of Napoli "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Carlo Ancelotti is popular in the Premier League after being fired as boss of Napoli

    When the former Chelsea manager is fired and severed all ties with Napoli, approaches from the Emirates and Goodison Park are largely painless. And above all free.

    But if the conditions of Ancelotti's departure mean that he has actually been placed in garden leave, and therefore remains on Napoli's payroll, the prospect of a costly compensation package makes a move for the 60-year-old much more complex.

    Anyway, if he hasn't done that yet, Ancelotti can still expect calls from Arsenal and Everton in the coming days.

    a drastic leap to suggest that the profile of Ancelotti is much more suitable for Arsenal.

     Former AC Milan manager Gennaro Gattuso has taken charge of the Club Series "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Former AC Milan manager Gennaro Gattuso in charge of the Series A Club

    Interestingly, Sportsmail understands that Ancelotti retains his London home from his spell on Stamford Bridge; a return to the capital would certainly have logistical advantages.

    But Arsenal wants to complete a thorough recruitment process in their search for the replacement of Unai Emery and would not be willing to simply offer Ancelotti the job just because he is suddenly available.

    Arsenal wants to talk to the triple Champions League winning boss – but they will also talk to at least 10 others with Mikel Arteta, Patrick Vieira, Nuno Espirito Santo and Mauricio Pochettino under the names they want to meet.

     Ancelotti enjoyed some success in his previous Premier League role with Chelsea "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Ancelotti enjoyed some success in his previous Premier League role at Chelsea


     Arsenal is interested in speaking with Ancelotti after rejecting Spaniard Unai Emery "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Arsenal is interested in speaking with Ancelotti after rejecting Spaniard Unai Emery

    But it would be known that he would participate in Arsenal from Knitted interview process when other jo b opportunities will arise – and pass away?

    Ancelotti certainly has its admirers in North London. He had considerable support from the Arsenal hierarchy when Arsene Wenger left his post in 2018.

    But by putting his hope in the success of Emery, Ancelotti runs the risk of missing out on other opportunities.

    Everton wants to talk to him. That is understandable; AC Milan, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are rare.

    There is a feeling that Ancelotti likes to listen to what Everton has to say – but the prospect of joining a club in the middle of a relegation fight is not necessarily that attractive. But if Everton shows sufficient ambition, who knows?

    Ancelotti is relaxed about what he does in the immediate aftermath of his departure from Napoli.

    There is no urge for the Italian to immediately jump back into work.

    But even if the initial interest of Arsenal and Everton doesn't work, Ancelotti returns sooner or later to the dugout.

    David Beckham & # 39; s emerging MLS franchise Miami United is expected to be enthusiastic about recruiting Ancelotti as their first head coach.

     With the doubts of Manuel Pellegrini, West Ham can also work for the unemployed Italian "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= With the task of Manuel Pellegrini in doubt, may West Ham also moving for the unemployed Italian

    Similarly, West Ham would certainly be seduced by Ancelotti if they invoke time for the reign of Manuel Pellegrini.

    It is not like Ancelotti ever caused – permanent damage to his reputation with Napoli. Indeed, his last performance as manager was to book his place in the Champions League knockout phase, thanks to a 4-0 win over Genk.

    But the political landscape within the club simply became comprehensive for Ancelotti

    So when owner Aurelio De Laurentiis called Ancelotti for a meeting at the nearby hotel, just a few hours after the victory over Genk for the To inform Italian that his government was over, there was almost a sense of relief.

    It was not that Ancelotti was necessarily unhappy. But the various subplots away from football had become a brake

     Chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis (L) fired Ancelotti just hours after defeating Genk "class =" blkBorder img -share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis (L) fired Ancelotti just hours after defeating Genk

    The beginning of the end came when From Laurentiis demanded that Ancelotti take his team to a training camp after losing 2 -1 to Rome in mid-November.

    Ancelotti got on the bus ready to travel to the training retreat, but the manager stood alone on the bus.

    The vast majority of players were unwilling to spend nearly a week away from their loved ones on the fierce reaction of their colorful owner.

    Laurentiis threatened to take legal action against his players before they were fined a total of £ 2 million lion for refusing to bow to his orders.

    Ironically, Ancelotti ordered his own training outing after losing to Bologna three weeks later.

    But then it was a matter of when, not when, Ancelotti would leave.

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    Mauricio Pochettino hints at quick return to management after Tottenham exit

    & # 39; I am open to listen to projects submitted to me & # 39 ;: Mauricio Pochettino refers to a quick return to management, fired Tottenham boss looks at top European clubs while speaking for the first time since he took a break in Argentina

    • Mauricio Pochettino suggested and could make a quick return to management
    • Pochettino was fired by Tottenham and last month replaced by Jose Mourinho
    • ] He has recently been linked to jobs at Manchester United, Arsenal and Bayern
    • The 47-year-old is open to it listen to projects submitted to him

    Mauricio Pochettino hinted that he might be interested are in a rapid return to management after his departure from Tottenham admit that he & # 39; open & # 39; stands for listening to projects submitted to him.

    Pochettino was fired last month by Tottenham after a terrible series of forms that left them in 14th place in the Premier League – 11 points drifting from the Champions League .

    He was quickly replaced by Jose Mourinho who has won everything three of his games so far, while Pochettino has returned to his native Argentina to relax.

     <img id=
     <img id= Pochettino was fired by Tottenham last month after a and disappointing start of the season

    The 47-year-old has been associated with a sensational return to North London foll due to the resignation of Unai Emery at Arsenal while also being talked about as the next manager at Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

    : "There are many clubs and attractive projects that I can implement.

    " But for now it is the most important thing to clear my head after five and five and a half incredible seasons with Tottenham.

    "My goal is to look for the opportunity to rebuild myself and regain my self-motivation.

    " My intention is to return to manage it in Europe. I find it difficult to imagine the project in Argentina. But for the sake of my family, I would not refuse to work here.

    & # 39; But now I have to be calm for a few days and see what happens. I didn't have much time to process what happened to me.

    & # 39; My first decision was to return to Argentina, return to my house and see family and friends. But I expect to return to Europe to make decisions about my future.

    & # 39; My best decision was to come to Argentina to take out ten days. At my age I don't need much time to recover. I am open to projects that have been submitted to me. & # 39;

     Pochettino is back in Argentina and has visited his former club Newell & # 39; s Old Boys "class =" blkBorder img -share "/ > </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id=] Pochettino is back in Argentina and visited his former club Newell's Old Boys

     The Argentinian spent five years as a player before moving to Europe in 1994 "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= The Argentinian spent five years as a player at the club before moving to Europe in 1994

    P ochettino has been the manager of Tottenham since 2014, and after a period of five and a half years, he makes optimum use of a longer period of rest.

    However, since his resignation, he has been connected to many top clubs in Europe.

    Among those who are United, who have previously focused on Pochettino. The future of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is looking increasingly uncertain and the club would pull the trigger on their former striker if they lose to Tottenham and Manchester City this week.

    Arsenal is also on the hunt for a new permanent manager following the decision at Emery last week. It remains to be seen whether Pochettino would switch to the bitter rivals of Spurs, who increasingly want to miss the top four.

    Bayern Munich also needs a new boss after they recently left the company at Niko Kovac. Hansi Flick is currently responsible for the affairs of the first team, but his inexperience could lead them to consider Pochettino.

    The capricious form of Real Madrid has put Zinedine Zidane in the line of fire. Their enormous spending in the summer has also put him under more pressure, but their recent revival – they have not lost since October 19 – has taken away the fear of a possible looting.

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    England must halt overseas slide as Root’s men need a quick fix in second Test against New Zealand

    The Maori considers the Waikato flowing through this part of New Zealand of inspiration, so it might be okay for England's cricket players to stay in a hotel overlooking the river.

    One zero down after their alarming surrender on Mount Maunganui, where their catch of 550 for the loss of 20 wickets was overshadowed by the New Zealanders & # 39; 615 for nine, the Joe Root team must win if they avoid contributing another chapter to the bulging story about overseas failures.

    Only once before, in the 1980s, England lost Test Series to New Zealand, but that is the fate that awaits them if it fails in Seddon Park in the coming days.

     England Captain Joe Root takes a catch on Wednesday during a net session in Seddon Park "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= England Captain Joe Root picks up a catch during a net session in Seddon Park Wednesday

    The bad news is that the last time New Zealand played a test here in February made it 715 for six. The good news is that their opponents were Bangladesh, one of the few cricket teams in the world who travel less fearlessly than England.

    Root will also take advantage of the news that both swing bowler Trent Boult and Colin from Grandhomme, New Zealand's most important all-rounder, have been excluded from the second injury test. But still Tim Southee remains, who opened the first innings of tourists on Mount Maunganui as one of the local oysters and whose test record in Hamilton – 44 wickets on 21 each – deserves serious respect.

    Seddon Park is known to encourage swing, and if the grass on the wicket during build-up may not be as green on the morning of the match, the field should offer bowlers more than Oval Bay.

    The debrief since Monday, when England couldn't even get close to saving the first test, he focused on runs in the first innings. After a sandy opening day on which they reached 241 for four and seemed to follow coach Chris Silverwood's plea for sensible batting, they subsidized up to 353 – no better than in the middle of a field that doesn't respond like Oval Bay.

     Root needs bowlers Stuart Broad and Jofra Archer (above) to deliver in the second test "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Root needs bowlers Stuart Broad and Jofra Archer ( above) deliver in the second test

    It is the merit of England that they have not hidden themselves from their shortcomings. "It was pretty easy where we had things wrong in the last game," said Root. "It made it very clear that we need to smooth out those patches. The things we did well, we were really good; we just have to do it more and longer. & # 39;

    If only it were that simple. Root is not only trying to transform England's age-old phobia of overseas conditions with a side shot with inexperience, but he is fighting with his own demons at a time in his career where he should match Virat Kohli, Steve Smith and Kane Williamson.

    Since hiring the captain for the summer of 2017, the average of Root has fallen in successive home and end seasons as an unreliable tip on the Dow Jones: 60, 43, 36, 33, 29 and now – after two innings in New Zealand – 6.5

    Because he is curious and hardworking, the captain does everything to stop the slide. That includes being honest with himself: he described the two shots that led to his wicket on Mount Maunganui raised as & # 39; horrible & # 39;

    He added: & # 39; It's a funny game & # 39 ;. We have all been in situations where only one limit is needed, or we are negotiating a delivery, and everything just slips back in and you feel that you have beaten for four or five hours. & # 39;

     Matt Parkinson was hit by a shot from Root during a net session on Wednesday "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Matt Parkinson was hit by the shot from Root during a net session on Wednesday

    But when he suggested that the self-inflicted nature of his downfall at least meant that he, and not the bowlers of New Zealand, were to blame, there was a touch straw-clamped. I'm not far away, he said. All of England hopes he is right.

    He also needs his bowlers to deliver more. England could go into this unchanged game, which means an opportunity for Stuart Broad and Jofra Archer, their pair with new balls, to improve the combined numbers on Mount Maunganui one by 173.

    If they kept things tight, between 2.3 and more between them, they now have to supplement the economy with incision. The sight of BJ Watling and Mitchell Santner, who on the third and fourth day together should have skipped nearly 90, should have told Root that bowling is not dry enough in itself.

    Especially for Jack Leach The test looms after his left arm spider was milked to 153 for 153. With Moeen There is a possible recall for the series in South Africa and leg spinner Matt Parkinson looks along the sidelines in New Zealand Zeeland, Leach could do with evidence that he can be a threat outside of Taunton and Asia.

    Root remains hopeful that last week's lessons can be applied in Hamilton, starting with the need for meaningful first innings.

    & # 39; I'm not worried, & # 39; he said. "The boys have to see it happen once, know they've done it, have it on the couch and then do it over and over again. It's that simple. It's around the corner, that's it really. & # 39;

    The Waikato also runs around the corner – miles away. It is the longest river in New Zealand. England could offer a somewhat faster solution.

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    Jose Mourinho is quick to bang the drum… but can he keep Tottenham dancing to his tune? 

    Jose Mourinho hits the drum quickly, while the new boss claims he has brought the music back … but can he make Tottenham dance to his melody?

    • Jose Mourinho won his first Tottenham match against West Ham United
    • Spurs had not won home in the Premier League since January 20
    • The early signs are interesting, considering Mourinho's tendency to defensive football
    • After a difficult period in Manchester United, the old Mourinho is really back ?

    The tracks live with the sound of music. And how he liked to say that old gentleman of dance and darkness, whose name was probably recited five times in a mirror by Daniel Levy to get us to this point.

    Who knows if this surreal story will have the same old ending. But it should be nice, that process to see how high Jose Mourinho can take Spurs for the stage where he tends to refuel gasoline.

    For now, one of the modern greats is back and he has made a good start. It was granted West Ham . Based on their form under Manuel Pellegrini, celebrating a revival would be premature. A bit like Anthony Joshua Out-jabbing a cub scout that misses one of the good badges, and then declares itself back.

     Jose Mourinho won his first game responsible for Tottenham against West Ham Utd on Saturday "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Jose Mourinho won his first game in charge of Tottenham against West Ham Utd on

     Mourinho took the lead on Wednesday and led Spurs to their first away match of the "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Mourinho took the lead on Wednesday and led Spurs to their first cup victory of the season

    But in the circumstances of Spurs, after not having won in the competition since Ja nuary 20 at Fulham, it is a huge advance. It was the uncomfortable truth for Mauricio Pochettino that his side played as a course for relegation in away games this calendar year. In one game, Mourinho matched his previous points for his earlier 12 on the road.

    Of course Mourinho found a unique way to emphasize that fact at the end of a match that led his team 3-0, before they got tired and allowed West Ham to flatter themselves with two goals.

    He said: & I am not worried about my Tottenham career. I'm worried about Tottenham and the players. It was very, very important. They had months without music in the dressing room. Without a smile, without happiness, and they did it. I am very happy for them. & # 39;

    So because he hadn't parked the bus in the race, he then let it slide so gently in Pochettino's car. Was it an excavation? Are we a bit too fast to jump on that? Perhaps. But this is Mourinho.

     <img id= Mourinho called on Alli to turn his bad shape around – he played well on Saturday

    He knows that the world will mark him against the man who brought so much joy to Spurs, and he knows that the world is out to see if one of the best managers of his generation can still make it, so he will mark success at every turn.

    This rescue mission will require much more action than words in a club where the restrictions will be stricter than anything he has experienced because we knew him before.

    If he has anything in the tank, if he is really better than what we saw when he spent hundreds of millions in Manchester United and supplied mediocre football, he has to show it.

    The early signs are interesting. There was no major limitation of the attack factor here, as had been the fear.

     <img id= Son Heung-min scored the first goal of the Jose Moruinho was with a strong left foot finish

    The most noticeable change was the reduced number of moves from the defense, whereupon Son Heung-min said: & # 39; We have to adapt to something new, because we've been trying to build it from the back for almost five years. & # 39;

    Ben Davies and Serge Aurier, the full backs, had less of a roaming assignment. That is undoubtedly a measure to quote a back line that is awarded too often and did this twice at the London Stadium. It will be fascinating to see if the speed of conceding – currently 1.4 a game – justifies a more restrained attack.

     Eric Dier can be a crucial player for Mourinho in the midfield and the rear four "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Eric Dier could be a crucial playing for Mourinho in mid-midfield the back four

    Eric Dier hit the hustle and bustle of working under Mourinho by saying: & I grew up in Portugal and saw him great teams coach and win the biggest titles. It is very special to be able to play for him. & # 39;

    Those are stronger words than you would normally hear from a player under a new regime. But they are also typical of folk in the first days of a new world under Mourinho. He has that effect.

    Unfortunately we know how he seems to sour in time and for Spurs you hope that they have appointed a changed man. As always, it will be interesting to find out.

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