Jose Mourinho says his ‘troubled’ team at Tottenham have had to be ‘pragmatic’ to compete

Jose Mourinho says that his & # 39; restless & # 39; team at Tottenham & # 39; pragmatic & # 39; had to be able to compete while looking back at critics of his playing style

  • Jose Mourinho chose a line of defense Spurs side in defeat against Liverpool
  • Sky Sports expert Gary Neville criticized his playing style after the game
  • But Mourinho believes his team had & # 39; pragmatic & # 39; are to compete in that game
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    Jose Mourinho has defended Spurs & # 39; tactics in the 1-0 loss against Liverpool and claimed that his side & # 39; pragmatic & # 39;

    Mourinho selected five defenders for Saturday night's game, with both Serge Aurier and young Japhet Tanganga making his debut for the north side London on the right.

    As a result, they owned only 28 percent in the first half and there was criticism of Gary Neville's style.

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<p> <noscript> <img id= Jose Mourinho has defended the style of his Spurs team from playing against Liverpool on Saturday

     Gary Neville said he wasn't sure if fans were who would accept Spurs playing style "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Gary Neville said he wasn't sure if fans would like that style of Spurs

    The Sky Sports expert suggested that he wasn't sure that fans would be okay with the & # 39; pragmatic playing style & # 39; and this compared to the more & # 39; progressive football & # 39; from Jurgen Klopp.

    But Mourinho defended the performance and pointed out how his team had improved after the introduction of Erik Lamela and Giovani Lo Celso, explaining that they could not have played the full 90 minutes.

    The Portuguese manager told the Evening Standard : & # 39; It helps to have [always] the mentality to win the next game. It doesn't matter which competition it is, how many injuries we have or what you are trying to be.

    & # 39; To have imagination, to be creative, to try to build something that can make you believe you are you. can win the competition, just as we were convinced that we could beat Liverpool, so you create a winning mentality.

     His Alli wins the ball from Andy Robertson during the fight against Jurgen Klopp's side "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= His Alli won the ball from Andy Robertson during the conflict against Jurgen Klopp

    & You go for every game and you try, even if you need to be more strategic than philosophical. Philosophical is when you follow a certain philosophy and everything is in place to follow it.

    & # 39; But another thing is when you're in trouble and you have to be pragmatic, creative and try to build something. That's what we did against Liverpool.

    & # 39; We have tried to create something. Even the game plan, not just the way we started the game, but the overall game plan, we tried to be in circumstances to win. If I start the game in the same way as the last 25 minutes, we couldn't do it [maintain it]. (Erik) Lamela couldn't play 90 minutes that way, Giovani (Lo Celso) didn't have the intensity to play that game for 90 minutes.

    & # 39; You should try to give the players that winning mentality even if you are in a difficult situation like us. And what we want to do. So [on Tuesday] we try again, we try to win again. & # 39;

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    ON THE ROAD: Bermudan boys help Quakers quest as Darlington aim to banish ghosts of troubled past

    ON THE ROAD: Bermuda boys help Quakers quest while Darlington tries to banish ghosts from ancient times

    • It is 16 years since the businessman got the heart out of Darlington FC has ripped
    • Spending money they didn't have to build at Reynolds Stadium with a capacity of 25,000
    • Darlington went into administration twice more before they were demoted

    For those who want to break the ice with a Darlington fan soon, be aware aware that the name & # 39; George Reynolds & # 39; is a murderous conversation.

    It is 16 years since the businessman tore his heart out of the club and spent money not having to build a ridiculous Reynolds Stadium with 25,000 capacity, a monument to his own narcissism that dumped them in the administration.

    Reynolds served six months in prison for tax evasion and was a few weeks ago back on the pages of the Northern Echo – convinced of the harassment of a council member facing his latest leisure development.

     Darlington defeated Leamington 2-0 in the FA Cup third qualifying round on Saturday "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Darlington defeated Leamington 2-0 in the third qualifying round of the FA Cup on Saturday


    Sportsmail is traveling through the FA Cup 2019-20, with a team from the extra preliminary round is followed until they are defeated and then continue with their victors.

    The journey so far:

    Tividale 2 Wednesfield 1

    Tividale 0 Chasetown 5

    Chasetown 1 Staveley MW 0 Leamington 2 Chasetown 2

    Chasetown 1 Leamington 2 (aet)

    Leamington 0 Darlington 2

    Journey to Wembley, the similar chronicle of the 1976-77 competition by Brian James, also started in Tividale …

    The corresponding reports in which he was described as & # 39; the former president of Darlington & # 39; have indeed become very bad. "It was years ago, but they still associate him with us," says one of the approximately 50 fans who made the 180-mile journey to the modest, immaculate stadium of Leamington.

    Darlington went into administration twice more before they were demoted four divisions on the recommendation of the FA and restarted in 2012 under fan ownership in the Northern League, with the grounds of Bishop Auckland.

    After three consecutive promotions, the Quakers struggle to get past the sixth – Tier National League North.

    Their annual budget of £ 300,000 – including contracts of 40 weeks for most of their players – is almost double that of Leamington, which has only a handful of contracts, but that kind of differential means few here. Darlo is one point behind the home team – another Phoenix club – in the competition.

    & # 39; You need more than just money to succeed where we are & # 39 ;, says John Vickerman, Darlington Board Adviser in a club run-down by volunteers.

    Leamington & # 39; s small press box provides a graphic representation of the many concerns that Bury will experience as they form. Ray Simpson, who provides Darlington media contact, reports on the game for BBC radio and the Northeast newspapers. Both sent their own staff in the days before the fall of grace.

    The playing field also tells a story of decline. Darlo every bit looks like a wrestler, unable to hold possession or get a foothold while Paul Holleran's Leamington bets goalkeeper Josh March and Jack Edwards, with Kaiman Anderson

    There is a prize of £ 11,250 – money for the winners and brakes – Leamington is a one-time car parts factory team – seems to be more absorbed with the FA Cup third qualifying round than the visitors. Groundsman Idris Elms doesn't mind saying that his surface – difficult to maintain because of the blue Warwickshire clay beneath – would be good enough for Manchester City should such a meeting take place.

    In this world of tight margins, everyone is looking for the happy break: the immaculate player who can cause a cuprun. Holleran has a talent to find them and in many cases to reinvigorate their lost self-confidence, as Reece Flanagan, his excellent No. 8, demonstrates in the first 45 minutes. He has dropped off three Walsall divisions to be loaned here.

    Darlington manager Alun Armstrong has Tyrone O & # 39; Neill, the thin strip of a striker who turned 20 last week. He didn't know what struck him when he first arrived on a six-month loan from Middlesbrough in July and struggles as much as anyone in the poor first half of his team. But after 64 minutes his class tells. O & # 39; Neill takes a ball from Adam Campbell on his chest, turns and shoots right with minimal back-lift, buried the ball in the bottom left corner of the net.

    It is a stabbing blow to a home side that immediately brings with it two saves of the highest order from Darlington & Liam Connell. But William Hatfield, anchoring midfield, Darlington steadies, who score again. O & # 39; Neill initiates a move where the ball is navigated by Jarrett Rivers to replace Justin Donawa, who runs away from the goal when shot back under Jack Weaver.

    Donawa is one of the two Bermudan internationals in Darlington & # 39; s books. One of the club's directors has a connection with that country. Ections Connections, & # 39; says Vickerman after the last whistle. "They can make a difference."

    The large crowd of 605 shows that Leamington had felt that this might be their year. But Darlington leaves with the ambitions.

    & # 39; We've been in the big investor, which is great after all we've been through & # 39 ;, says Chris Stockdale, chairman of the club's supporters group. "So a Cup run would mean so much."

    They hadn't won a single qualifying round in seven years before this season. Now they want to bury Reynolds even further in the past.

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    Troubled Alex Hales takes a break from Nottinghamshire

    Alex Hales is away from county cricket but still in the World Cup of England

    Troubled Alex Hales is taking a break from Nottinghamshire but is likely to remain part of the plans for the English World Cup

    [HH] will not want to stay on the periphery of the 15-man squadron World Cup ]

    The players of England meet in Cardiff on Saturday before a three-day camp for the tournament, which starts on 30 May.

    Hales, who already has third choice behind Jason Roy and Jonny Bairstow, does not want to stay on the periphery of the 15-man World Cup squadron.

    <img id = "i-91656e0012e0eb92" src = " image-a-103_1555789903538.jpg "height =" 508 "width =" 634 "alt =" <img id = "i-91656e0012e0eb92" src = " /20/20/12518940-6943151-image-a-103_1555789903538.jpg "height =" 508 "width =" 634 "alt =" Alex Hales has taken a break from county cricket agreements with Nottinghamshire engagements with Nottinghamshire "

    Alex Hales has taken a break from county cricket commitments with Nottinghamshire

    Only those close to him know

    It has been a turbulent 18 months has been for Hales, who recently expressed his regret at lying to the police in Bristol in September 2017 on the night that Ben Stokes was arrested after a late night fight.

    With Stokes already in the back of a police car, Hales told to officers that he had just appeared on the scene. Subsequent images showed that I had been present during the fight.

    The batsman was involved in an incident in Bristol in 2017 with teammate Ben Stokes (right) Batsman was involved in an incident in Bristol in 2017 with teammate Ben Stokes (right) "

    The batsman was involved in an incident in Bristol in 2017 with teammate Ben Stokes (right)