James Ward-Prowse could return from horror knee wound for Southampton suffered just 10 DAYS before

James Ward-Prowse in line for rapid return of horror knee injury for Southampton, just 10 days after oxygen on a stretcher with a cut so deep, Shane Long & # 39; claimed you can be f ****** see bone & # 39;

  • Ralph Hasenhuttl revealed that James Ward-Prowse could come across Burnley
  • The star in Southampton suffered a horror injury in an FA Cup replay against Spurs
  • He was caught on his right leg by a tackle from Tottenham & Ryan Sessegnon
  • The Spurs player looked shocked and striker Shane Long reacted with shock

Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl has revealed James Ward-Prowse is in the fight against Burnley on Saturday – just 10 days after suffering a terrible cut to his leg.

The midfielder was stretched out after he got oxygen on a stretcher after the injury during the FA Cup fourth round replay against Tottenham on February 5.

But the Premier League winter break has given 25 years to recover, and despite the seemingly horrific nature of the injury, Hasenhuttl expects to return to the starting XI.

 Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl revealed that James Ward-Prowse could see Burnley "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl has revealed that James Ward-Prowse might face become with Burnley

 The midfielder suffered a nasty leg cut in the FA Cup replay against Tottenham "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= The midfielder suffered a nasty leg cut in the FA Cup replay of the Saints against Tottenham

Hasenhuttl said: & # 39; Today was his first day in the field and we tried to keep him there for as long as possible.

& # 39; Players always like to return to the field and he has handled it well, but we have to be careful that the cut does not open again.

& # 39; I think it looks good that he can hopefully play in the weekend.

& # 39; We don't want it to get worse, so he's out. We must pay attention to it.

 Ward-Prowse was withdrawn after oxygen was needed and was taken off the field on a stretcher "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Ward-Prowse was withdrawn after oxygen required and from the field on a stretcher removed

& It looks good and he is an important player for our team. We still have a few options, which means he can return to his No. 6 position. & # 39;

Ward-Prowse was picked up on a stretcher and got oxygen after being caught on the right leg by a late challenge from Ryan. Sessegnon in the draw on Wednesday, February 5.

The 25-year-old tried to win the ball in a 50-50 with left wing back Sessegnon but was beaten by the former Fulham star, who went ahead and caught his leg with his studs as he tried to get clear .

Television microphones caught Saints striker Shane Long screaming & # 39; f *** me, you can see his f ****** bot & # 39; while he went to look at his teammate.

 But during the mid-season Premier League break, Ward Prowse was given time to "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= But Ward has mid-season Premier League break Prowse given time to recover

Medici quickly hurried to Ward-Prowse after he began to bump into severe pain while his teammates also responded – Long's response indicated that the injury was serious .

He was subsequently taken off the field in the last embers of the first half and replaced by Jannik Vestergaard.

He was stretched with the score level at 1-1 in the FA Cup fourth round replay at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, whose hosts won 3-2.

 Shane Long (R) was alarmed when he heard & # 39; f *** me, you see his f ****** bone & # 39; "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= Shane Long (R) was alarmed when he heard & # 39; f *** me, you can be f * ***** bot see & # 39;

The English international scored four goals this season and delivered two assists for his team. His importance to the saints has shown him every game and every minute of play this season.

Ward-Prowse has become known as a sort of free kick specialist with five goals from dead-ball situations.

He has played a total of 264 times for his boys' club since he came through the ranks and scored 23 goals.

 James Ward-Prowse played every minute of every game for Southampton this season "class =" blkBorder img-share "/> </div>
<p> <noscript> <img id= James Ward-Prowse played every minute of every game for Southampton this season

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‘F*** me, you can see his f****** bone’: Shane Long reacts to James Ward-Prowse injury

& # 39; F *** me, you can see his f ****** – bone! & # 39 ;: Shane Long responds in shock to seeing an annoying James Ward-Prowse injury after the Southampton star is captured by the Ryan Sessegnon studs. by

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James Ward-Prowse called up to England squad as Fabian Delph and Ruben Loftus-Cheek pull out.

  • James Ward-Prowse has been selected for the England squad

    James Ward-Prowse called to the squadron of England when Fabian Delph, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and John Stones withdrew

  • The Southampton midfielder replaces Fabian Delph and Ruben Loftus-Cheek
  • Sami Mokbel for MailOnline

    James Ward-Prowse has been called up for the English team for the games against the Czech Republic and Montenegro – but John Stones, Fabian Delph and Ruben Loftus-Cheek have withdrawn.

    Southampton midfielder Ward-Prowse missed the original team named Gareth Southgate last week, but he got the call after a flood of dropouts.

    The withdrawal of Stones will come as a blow to England prior to their opening of Euro 2020 games

     James Ward-Prowse has been called to the English team for this month's games "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id= Fabian Delph (left) withdrew the team – in a number of dropouts for Southgate
     Chelsea midfielder Ruben Loftus-Cheek is another who has withdrawn for the March matches "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id= Chelsea midfielder Ruben Loftus-Cheek is another withdrawal for the March matches

    The Manchester City defender established himself as an important member of the starting XI of Southgate, but has a groin problem

    The Liverpool captain has missed

    Jordan Henderson is expected to be fit for international duties despite wearing an ankle injury. Sunday's win over Fulham – but his club boss Jurgen Klopp said: & I'm going to the national team.

    & # 39; If it looks positive and I can train, I go to the national team. He couldn't play today, but it's not that serious. It should be good in three or four days.

  • James Ward-Prowse poised to replace Jordan Henderson in England squad

    James Ward-Prowse ready to replace Jordan Henderson in the English squadron if the Liverpool star makes it while Pep Guardiola insists that John Stones will not be ready to play in the Czech Republic and Montenegro

      ] ] Southampton star James Ward-Prowse was not in England's last squad
    • But the midfielder could replace Jordan Henderson in the selection on Monday


    Sami Mokbel for the Daily Mail

    And there was attendance.

    Gareth Southgate will decide on Monday the availability of Jordan Henderson for the upcoming Euro 2020 qualifiers, with James Ward-Prowse ready to take his place. doubts Friday about the condition of John Stones for the games against the Czech Republic and Montenegro, after his manager from Manchester City Pep Guardiola indicated that the central defender will not be available for international service due to a groin injury.

    English physicians will maintain contact with their counterparts in Liverpool and the city before deciding whether the couple, who are central to Southgate's plans, should report to St George & Park on Monday before deciding on admissions. and replacements.

     Southampton star James Ward-Prowse was not in the last English team earlier this week "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id=
     But the in-form Saints midfielder Ward-Prowse could be called on Monday as replacement "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id=

    [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

    In form Southampton midfielder Ward-Prowse missed the original team, but has been followed by English staff in recent weeks and will post a

    Midfield is fierce. And with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain approaching full fitness, Southgate's options will increase by the time the inaugural UEFA final takes place in June.

    But Ward-Prowse hopes for an impression to impress the English boss during the next camp

     Jordan Henderson (left) was submerged during the Liverpool victory in Bayern Munich with an injury "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id=
     John Stones, pictured in Manchester City training on Monday, is also struggling with an injury "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id= John Stones, pictured Monday in Manchester City, is also fighting an injury

    Meanwhile, Guardiola has made it clear that he does not want Stones to be considered for international duties following

    & # 39; He is not ready, hopefully he will not go. He is not ready to play, he is injured, & said the Spaniard.

    & # 39; There have been no discussions with England. Maybe I'll call, and maybe I'll talk, but I think the doctors are in contact.

    & # 39; Normally I do not speak to managers, doctors when there are problems, they are in contact. & # 39;

    Southgate and his assistant Steve Holland will not attend games this weekend, but will analyze video footage of games, including squadron members.

     Pep Guardiola said about Stones: "Hopefully he won't leave." He is not ready to play, he is injured & # 39; "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id= Pep Guardiola said about Stones: & hopefully he won't leave. He is not ready to play, he is injured & # 39;

     Gareth Southgate will not attend competitions this weekend, but will analyze the images of games "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id=

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    James Ward-Prowse talks Jamie Redknapp through THAT free-kick

    The will of David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo have illuminated Old Trafford with some amazing free and retrieve his

    James Ward-Prowse as he rolled the ball side level against Manchester United .

    Jamie Redknapp has caught up with this 24-year-old this time. It is no surprise that the conversation began …

     Jamie Redknapp of Sportsmail meets James Ward-Prowse (left) in Southampton this week "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id=

    We have to talk about that free kick. I was about to come out on West Ham and looked at the screen with Kevin Nolan. When you started talking about it, I said to him: & # 39; He scores & # 39 ;. Was that the best you ever hit?

    WARD-PROWSE: It was. Most of those I have touched have been under 21 for England. It was going to do something special at Old Trafford against De Gea. At the time I said to Ryan Bertrand, these are the ones I have practiced in the garden of my mother and father – scoring in the finals of the World Cup or big races for your club. I felt like a child again

    REDKNAPP: When I was growing up, we had a bird table in our garden. I had to hit it a few times before I could eat. Did you do something like that?

    WARD-PROWSE: I was more worried about trying to get the dog off the grass, so that I could practice in peace! I was afraid of the old man's conservatory at the back of the garden. I had to pop around his house to collect the balls. I was not happy about that!

    REDKNAPP: I love your technique, the way you quickly get rid of your left foot. Was Beckham a big influence?

    WARD-PROWSE: He was. Beckham hurls his arm back and that helps me to get the ball up and down as fast as possible. I jump up and skip the ball that helps me to baptize him to the other side.

     Ward-Prowse discussed his free-kick technique after scoring a set-piece on Old Trafford "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id=

    Ward-Prowse discussed his free-kick technique after scoring a set-piece at Old Trafford

    I usually let the ball bounce twice. I do not know why – it's just a habit.

    REDKNAPP: A colleague of mine has seen you during the recent training camp in Southampton, Tenerife. I have seen you train and you have been on the road for years to practice free kicks. How much time do you spend?

    WARD-PROWSE: As much time as I can. I would like to say on direct free kicks twice a week. The games are so hard and physical that you have to be careful, but we know when to practice and when not. I will go to sleep excitedly because I know I can practice the next day. I did not hit much. I'd rather take three in training and exert pressure than 20. You only have one chance in a game if you are lucky, so I have to put it away.

    REDKNAPP: There is nothing worse than someone trying to give you a free kick. It is difficult enough to focus on it! Is someone trying to take the ball away from you?

    WARD-PROWSE: Hopefully I have solved a few doubters among the boys. Ryan will hopefully accept that I will take it. Nathan Redmond also likes to participate. I will now sweep it away. I have the bragging for at least another week!

    REDWOOD: PROWSE: I take five!

     Ward-Prowse exercises direct free-kicks twice a week and Southampton's set-piece expert "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id=

    Ward-Prowse exercises direct free-kicks twice a week and is Southampton's set-piece expert

    You're in a great form under Ralph Hasenhuttl. What has personally changed for you?

    WARD-PROWSE: It is the first time that I have a manager who is brutally honest about me. Good and bad things. He told me that I need to play more tackles if I want to play in the midfield. Not to hit people, but to be aggressive.

    REDKNAPP: I leveled it to me: & # 39; You do not get enough on & # 39 ;. Sometimes you have to have that annoying streak. How did you change that?

    WARD-PROWSE: We now have a very detailed way of playing without the ball. It requires a lot of running and physical work that I am happy with.

    Many of the goals we have scored come from tackling high on the field. My goal against Everton was similar to that. It's just about learning.

    REDKNAPP: My father always told me that things are not going well, just fly in a tackle. It is amazing how that can lift you and the crowd.

    WORD PROMOTION: I had the other day against Fulham. I even hurt a little! Those moments ensure that I am ready for the match.

    I am not alone, all boys win more tackles. There you get a nice mood.

     Ward-Prowse is an important Saints player since Ralph Hasenhuttl (above) became manager "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id=

    Who is the most difficult player you have to deal with?

    REDKNAPP: You left him a little behind. What did I say next?

    WARD-PROWSE: Nothing! I remember Paul Scholes in my third Premier League appearance. He came on when we were 2-1 and the game changed. His death, his decision-making – you could not get him.

    REDKNAPP: You had seven managers in Southampton and were in and out of the team under Mark Hughes. WARD-PROWSE: When Mark Hughes came in, there was optimism that things would change for the better. I've played a few games here and there, but I did not feel like that. It was my worst half-year in terms of productivity on the field, but the best of it. My girlfriend gave birth to our first son, Oscar, in the summer.

    That has put so much pressure on me. If I start playing now, I do not think everything will come. I have something bigger than football at home. If I had a bad game, I would think about it and not be in a good mood. Now I do not have time for that. I must be a good example for him. Hopefully, when he looks back on the first months of his life, he can show him the goals I have scored.

     Paul Pogba was a hard opponent for Ward-Prowse during his recent battle at Old Trafford "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id= REDKNAPP: I heard that you are an enthusiastic golfer. Who is in your fourball?

    WARD-PROWSE: Steven Davis when he was here, Shane Long, a couple of staff play. I have not played with Charlie Austin yet

    REDKNAPP: I can imagine that Charlie has a filthy gait. I do not know why …

    WARD-PROWSE: I would not judge him before I played with him! In pre-season I played eleven in a four-ball for me and did not look bad.

    REDKNAPP: People talk about England. You worked with Gareth Southgate and was under 21 captain. Do you think, & # 39; I have a real chance & # 39;

    WARD-PROWSE: A while back I did not even think about it. I just made sure that I could come here in the team. It was a big turnaround, but if I keep on performing well, hopefully that call will come.

     Ward-Prowse from Portsmouth, now 24, won 31 caps for England at Under 21 level "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id=

    Did Gareth have contact?

    WARD-PROWSE: Not yet! Hopefully he will have to see it.

    REDKNAPP: Was it difficult to watch the World Cup in the past?

    WARD-PROWSE: It is a strange person as a player. When you are almost in the peloton but do not quite get it, you look forward with pleasure. A professional jealousy …

    WARD-PROWSE: Yes. You want to be there to make the nation proud. That gave me real determination to go back in the team. You've played Gareth before, you want to, but you just have to wait for the chance and be ready.

    REDKNAPP: You play Tottenham on Saturday and in midfield you face Eric Dier, someone who has been in the team for a long time. Is there an extra challenge when you are in front of a player from England?

     Ward-Prowse makes his 18th Premier League-appearance of the season on Saturday "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id=

    WAYWAY: There is. He has been my roommate for quite some of the trips with the Under 21s. I know him pretty well. But as soon as the whistle blows, it goes out of the window. It is a game that I think we can win. Spurs have played in the midweek and if we give ourselves good energy at the start we can get on top and create some pressure

    REDKNAPP: I can not wait to see that you have one more free kick.

    WARD-PROWSE: Yes, I have had a taste of what it's like to score at Old Trafford and I'm excited for the next one. ]

    REDKNAPP: You will guess guesses now. Tottenham & # 39; s Hugo Lloris will think: & # 39; He goes this way … & # 39;

    WARD-PROWSE: I'm not going to give away too much! I have not watched his clips yet, but much of it is just how you feel in the game. James Ward-Prowse and Jamie Redknapp were in conversation with James Restall

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    Ralph Hasenhuttl praises James Ward-Prowse for fighting to win a Southampton spot

  • The 24 year old was on the edge but got a chance because of injuries
  • He is Southampton's top scorer from Hasenhuttl's 13 games that being in charge
  • Peter Carline for MailOnline

    Southampton midfielder James Ward-Prowse set for England recall

    James Ward-Prowse won his only English cap against Germany in March 2017

    He is now back on the radar of Gareth Southgate before the Euro 2020 qualifying matches

    Kieran Gill for the Daily Mail

    is considering an unexpected England recall for Southampton midfielder James Ward-Prowse. replacement against Germany in March 2017, but it is now back on Southgate's radar for the Euro 2020 qualifying games of England against the Czech Republic and Montenegro in three weeks.

    The 24-year-old putter in a man-of-the-match performance against Fulham at St Mary's Stadium in the middle of the week, scored in the 2-0 victory.

     Gareth Southgate is considering a surprising recall of England for James Ward-Prowse this month "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id=
     Ward-Prowse won his only cap to date as a replacement against Germany in March 2017 "class =" blkBorder img-share "/>
<p><img id=

    He now has four goals in his last seven Premier League-games, one more than he

    Southgate was Tuesday at the victory of Leicester on Brighton and then saw Manchester City West Ham beat on Wednesday when he was in charge of Declan Rice.

    The Hammers midfielder has chosen England over Ireland and on Thursday FIFA has confirmed that the FA has requested to change registration.

    The manager of England will also follow the progress of Newcastle's 21-year-old midfielder Sean Longstaff.